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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words. This week is about health concern. Great, this one is so funny, thank you. I went to the hospital on Monday, it was funny. I got sick. I am okay now. Health concern, les problèmes de santé. Something you don’t want to have but just learn about it just in case you go to France and be dizzy. First one is:
1. mal de tête
Headache, mal de tête.
Oh this is a rather okay problem, just take an aspirin.
I drank too much and got the headache. J'ai trop bu et j'ai mal à la tête.
I bumped my head and now I have a headache. Je me suis cognée la tête et maintenant j'ai mal à la tête. Lots of drinking and bumping, I don’t know why you have headache.
Or my boss is giving me the headache. Mon boss me donne mal à la tête. Not true, I love my boss. Peter! So next one is
2. brûlure
Burn, brûlure.
I burned myself. Je me suis brûlée. No.
You can burn the food. Brûler la nourriture. But it’s not a health concern, right? If you burn yourself, *arrrr* put it in ice. Si on se brûle, il faut mettre de la glace. So if you burn yourself, put ice on it, something like that.
Next one is…
3. nausée
Nausea, nausée.
I drank too much and got nausea. J'ai trop bu et j'ai la nausée. Stop drinking like that. You get headaches and nausea. How bad is it?
I ate something weird and got nausea. J'ai mangé quelque chose de bizarre et j'ai la nausée. Which wouldn’t happen in French because we have fancy food that’s delicious, so you shouldn’t get nausea from it.
4. blesser
Blesser, to injure.
To injure oneself, Se blesser.
I injured my friend. J'ai blessé mon ami(e). Why would you do that?
I step on my cat and injured it. J'ai marché sur mon chat et je l'ai blessé. Why would you step on your cat? You step on a dog it’d be like *cry*, you step on a cat and it will go *karrr*
5. toux
Toux, Cough.
I hate that word. I can’t pronounce that thing correctly, cough. So cough being like *coughing* having a cough, cough.
Having a cough. Avoir de la toux.
Or be coughing. Tousser. coughing. Woh! That’s right yeah.
And it’s the end. I hope you take care of yourself and don’t have to use those words but if you do, well just too mad I am sorry for yeah. So see you next week and don’t forget to check the word list. Leave a comment about your health concern if you have some and maybe we could translate them for you if you need to go to France and be unhealthy. See you next time, bye.
Just keep waving.
I will give you pain. It doesn’t work in French, it’s not like Je vais vous donner la douleur. Doesn’t work at all!


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