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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words. Let’s start this week with Geography. I suck so much at Geography.
1. plage
Plage, beach.
Going to the beach. Aller à la plage.
we are going to the beach, vamos a la playa. But it is not a French song, so let’s drop it.
2. forêt
Forêt, Forest.
Mushroom picking in the forest Ramasser des champignons en forêt. We do this around September, October when it’s really humid and mushrooms start to grow and you just go and pick up mushrooms. Next one.
3. montagne
Montagne, mountain.
We have many mountains in France. We have the central mountain, Le Massif central, which is around the middle, and we have the Alps and Pyrenees.
To ski in the mountain. Faire du ski en montagne. You have really good snow in France in winter.
Mountain hiking. Une balade en montagne.
4. rivière
Rivière, river.
cry me a river "Pleure-moi une rivière"
To fish in the river. Pêcher dans la rivière. You can get good fish from French rivers. Next.
5. île
île, island.
We have many islands in France. Nous avons beaucoup d'îles en France.
I want a private island. Je veux une île privée. I know it’s expensive with maybe one day, I’ll get one. Lya-land! To enjoy and relax and have fried food.
Paradise Island. Une île paradisiaque.
Next is the end. So let’s see you next week for more French weekly words and don’t forget to check the word list and get more words on the website and leave me a comment for your favorite Geography part. Do you like to go to the mountain better or do you enjoy dipping in the rain. See you next time, bye.