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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey and welcome back to French weekly words. So this week’s theme is tourism, le
tourisme. Let’s go and visit stuff.
1. Touriste, Tourist.
*take photos* in front of the monument.
French tourists are noisy. Les tourist es français sont bruyants. You can spot them miles away from anywhere because they are all screaming.
Faire le touriste. Being all touristy. Clicking and photographing stuff and be out loud. Okay next one.
2. guide touristique, guide book.
I always take a guide book when going to another country. Je prends toujours mon guide touristique quand je vais visiter un nouveau pays.
The tour guide explaining stuff to you. It will also be guide touristique.
C'est recommandé dans le guide touristique. It’s recommended in the guide book.
Next one.
3. visiter
Visiter, to tour. My kitchen, you should tour my kitchen, it’s so awesome and delicious.
Vous devriez visiter ma cuisine, il y a plein de choses délicieuses dedans. I can cook but I don’t want to.
To tour Paris, visit Paris. Go on, it will be fun and pretty! I'm touring the museum *singing* I’m going to the museum.
4. église
église, church. To go to church, aller à l’église, on Sunday usually. Tourists?
There are lots of miracles in Lourdes church. Il y a beaucoup de miracles à l'église de Lourdes. Next.
5. itinéraire
Itinéraire, itinerary.
To decide on the itinerary. Décider d'un itinéraire.
Or To plan an itinerary. Planifier un itinéraire.
And it’s the end for this week. So leave me a comment about what would you want to visit in France and get the word list from the website. See you next week, bye.