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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words and this week; let’s start right away with studying a language. This is what you are actually doing right? étudier une langue. Let’s go with first one,
1. adjectif
Adjectif, adjective. What, study grammar properly.
What kind of sentence can you do with adjective? Quel genre de phrases pouvez-vous faire avec "adjectif"? Seriously. Next one is
2. apprendre
Apprendre, learn. To learn is apprendre.
To learn a language. Apprendre une langue.
Or it’s good to learn. C'est bien d'apprendre. Next
3. étudier
étudier, study.
I love to study. J'aime étudier.
or studying French is fun. Étudier le français c'est fun.
I study French. J'étudie le français.
4. langue
Language, langue.
I work at Innovative Language. Je travaille à "Les Langues Innovatives". It doesn’t work in French right?
In French, langue is also the word for tongue.
Learning a new language is fun. Apprendre une nouvelle langue est fun.
I love learning languages. J'adore apprendre les langues. Next
5. répéter
Répéter is to repeat.
Pourriez-vous répéter? Can you repeat? and it won’t be polite.
Pourriez-vous répéter s'il vous plaît? Can you repeat, please?
So again, when you speak with French people and they speak really fast, you just ask Pourriez-vous répéter?
Next is the end. I hope I helped you a bit and I hope you will remember some of those. By the way, what will be your favorite French noun or your favorite French adjective? So don’t forget to leave a comment, check the word list and see you next week. Bye.