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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words and let’s discover this week’s theme together. Its birds. I don’t know anything about birds except that they fly. Birds, les oiseau. First bird is
1. coq
Coq. Coq is a Rooster and I like to eat Roosters. J'aime manger du coq. don’t – you don’t.
Le coq chante tous les matins. The Rooster sings every morning and wakes me up and annoys me. Next
2. corbeau
Corbeau, the crow, which is also a music band. Oh the Crows are back!
Edgar Allan Poe wrote a book named The Crow. Edgar Allan Poe a écrit un livre qui s'appelle "Le Corbeau". Read it, it’s short. Next
3. cygne
Cygne, the Swan. Like this.
You can find Swans in parks in France and they just will attack you randomly. So the Swan is swimming in the pond. Le cygne nage dans la mare. Next one is
4. mouette
Mouette a Seagull *seagull sounds* I used to live on the boat and there were seagull all over the place and they will wake you up again like roosters but roosters of the sea, and they would just poop on the deck.
Seagulls are nice. Les mouettes c'est chouette. No Shrek is also a bird.
5. poulet
Poulet, chicken.
My favorite chicken is fried chicken Mon poulet préféré, c'est le poulet frit. Yeah everything fried is good again. You want to order this, do you?
I used to have two chicken in the backyard. I could have bring you one. Nah you can find chicken in the farms. On peut trouver des poule s dans les fermes.
That’s it. So see you next week for more French words and don’t forget to leave a comment, don’t forget to get the word list on the website. Bye bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

Monday at 03:11 AM
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Bonjour Catherine et merci pour votre message !

"mare" is similar to "mer" but the meaning is different

mare = pond

mer = sea

Bonne journée !

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Casey (Catherine) DeVault
Friday at 07:22 AM
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"Le cygne nage dans la mare." means "The swan is swimming in the sea," although I have never seen a swan in the sea. However, your translation is "The swan is swimming in the pond." "Pond" in French is "étang."

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Tuesday at 12:11 PM
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Hello David,

We are happy you liked it. And Lya appreciates it very much. :smile:



Team FrenchPod101.com

Friday at 07:00 AM
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Lya is entertaining and she has whimsical disposition, she makes me giggle all the way through her videos, , and still I am learning french and enjoying the lesson. Thank you, Lya