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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hi. Hey watchers, we are back in the studio. We are back for French weekly words and this week’s theme is hygiene action, hygiene. First one is
1. se peigner
Se peigner to comb, to comb your hair. Se peigner les cheveux. This is a comb with something missing. Next one,
2. se baigner
Se baigner, to bathe, se baigner, to bathe. I like to bathe when it’s hot outside. J'aime me baigner quand il fait chaud dehors. Next one
3. se brosser
Se brosser to brush, to brush. We will go with Se brosser les dents. to brush your teeth. You can also brush your hair Se brosser les cheveux. yeah let’s take that, toothbrush. Next one
4. se gargariser
Se gargariser. To gargle, that’s silly *gargling sounds* Gancy cup to gargle with. And there! You are done brushing and being hygienic.
Se gargariser se gargariser Après s'êt re brossé les dent s, je me gargarise. After brushing my teeth, I gargle. Next one
5. se laver
Se laver to wash. So to wash yourself is se laver that’s it.
Se laver les dents. which is to wash your teeth.
Se brosser les dents, to brush your teeth.
Se laver les mains. to wash your hands, yeah.
Okay and it’s the end for this week. So see you next week for more French words and don’t forget to leave a comment about your hygiene routine for example, thank you, bye.


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Je lave le dos de mon petit ami.

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Bonjour Steve et merci pour vos commentaires ! :smile:

Moi aussi j'aime beaucoup le verbe gargariser :smile:

Je le trouve très drôle. J'aime bien aussi le mot "croustillant" (crunchy)

A bientôt !

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J'aime bien le verbe gargariser.

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