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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words guys and girls and watchers, the new theme which is medicine. Eww. In French is medicine.
1. antibiotique
First antibiotique, antibiotic. There is this ad in France which goes Antibiotics are not automatic, because you don’t have to eat them out right. Les antibiotiques c'est pas automatique.
Not everyone likes antibiotics. Tout le monde n'aime pas les antibiotiques.
2. Next one: médicament
Médicament medicine. I am so depressed that you need medicine, please get me out of here, please.
I don’t take medicine. Je ne prends pas de médicaments. because I now see and I do sport and I don’t drink.
3. Next is: ordonnance
Ordonnance, prescription.
The doctor gave me a prescription. Le doct eur m'a fait une ordonnance.
Don’t forget to take your prescription to go to the pharmacy and get your medicine. N'oubliez pas de prendre votre ordonnance à la pharamacie pour avoir vos médicaments. This one is a bit long but you get all the words of this lesson. So yeah, it’s revision time.
4. Next is: sirop pour la toux
Sirop pour la toux is cough syrup. You know I don’t take the word cough – I can’t pronounce it, cough syrup. This one, sirop pour la toux.
When I get the sore throat, I take cough syrup. Quand j'ai mal à la gorge, je prends du sirop pour la toux.
5. vaccin
Vaccine, which in French is vaccin.
I didn’t get my vaccine this year. Je n'ai pas fait mon vaccin cette année.
I am scared of vaccine needles. J'ai peur des aiguilles pour le vaccin.
Next is the end. See you next week and don’t forget to take your medicine so you can still follow the French lesson. You don’t want to get sick. Thank you, see you next week, bye!