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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words and this week theme is in your wallet. We won’t be seeing much. There is nothing in my wallet.
1. First word is: carte de bibliothèque
Carte de bibliothèque. Library card.
I can borrow books with my library card. Je peux emprunter des livres avec ma carte de bibliothèque.
2. carte de crédit
Carte de crédit. Credit card.
On a bloqué ma cart e de crédit . They blocked my credit card, too bad. No more food for me.
3. Next one: carte de membre
Carte de membre, membership card. I got plenty of membership cards. So I have a membership card for the swimming pool. J'ai une cart e de membre pour la piscine. Maybe.
4. carte de visite
Carte de visite, business card. Yes.
On a seulement des cartes de visite dans les grosses compagnies. We only have business card in big companies.
5. liquide
Liquide, cash. Liquide in French is the same word as liquid, any liquid. So it’s because the money flows. Something like that.
Il me reste un peu de liquide dans mon porte-monnaie. I still got a little bit of cash in my wallet, just tiny little bit.
Next one is the end. We will see you next week for more French weekly words and don’t forget to leave a comment or to get the words from the website. So see you, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Bonjour Tolfak,

Thank you for your comment! 😄

Bonne journée,


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Bonjour Danny,

Yes you made sense, don't worry!

On is a synonym for "Nous", actually. It means "we". In short, "nous" tends to sound quite formal, so most French people default to using "on" for "we" in informal contexts. For example, saying "Nous sommes arrivés" and "On est arrivé" would be exactly the same. Same meaning, same intention, the only difference is that the "nous" variation sounds a little more formal.

When talking French, I recommend using "on" most of the time, and "nous" if you're in a formal context.

As for "Il y a", it means "there is". So whenever you're describing something that's there, you can use it. Il y a une chaise devant le bureau, il y a des vaches dans le champ, il y a une tasse sur la table, etc.

I hope this helps! 😄

Belle journée,


Team FrenchPod101

Sunday at 02:07 PM
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Je trouve dificulte entre utiliser la phrase "il y a", et la mot "on"

I hope I made sense, I still don't know how to type the accents on a qwerty keyboard.

Are the two choices above interchangable? In a previous video, she said "On a vie sur la Terre." I don't understand how to use the word "On".


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Bonjour Careyotani !

Merci pour votre massage ! Vous allez au sauna aussi ?

Bonne semaine !

Marie Alice

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photo -- Est-ce que vous avez des photos dans votre porte-monnaie? des photos de qui?

Moi, j'ai une carte de membre pour les hammam.