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Lesson Transcript

Lya: We are back for French weekly words, with me. So this week’s theme is surprise. At the office. I like being at the office, its fun. Let’s start with the first word. The first word at the office is
1. heures supplémentaires
Heures supplémentaires, overtime.
I don’t do much overtime. Je ne fais pas d'heures supplément aires. Because I am lazy like that.
2. Next one: prendre sa retraite
Prendre sa retraite, to retire. This is something French people like a lot, right, and they talk about it all the time, and they come to the point, to know how much we have.
En France on prend sa ret rait e à 60 ans. In France, you can retire at 60.
3. Next one is: réunion
Réunion, meeting. I had a meeting today. Aujourd'hui j'ai eu une réunion. Yeah the meeting got so funny.
4. Next one is: société
Société, company. Société is also the same word in French for society. So don’t mix them up.
Je travaille pour une grosse société. I work for a big company, worldwide long.
5. Next one is: bureau
Bureau office which is also same word for desk. So you got desk in the office, les bureaux dans les bureaux. Confusing.
Aujourd'hui je travaille au bureau. Today I work in the office.
Yeah, next one is the end. So we will see you next week for more words and if you want to get the list of those words, you can go to the website and if you have questions or any comments, you can list them in the section below. So see you, bye.