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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So hi and welcome back to weekly French words. This week’s theme is the weather. Ah this should be nice. First word is
1. chaud
Chaud is warm.
Aujourd'hui il fait chaud. Today is warm, which is true.
2. Next one is: clair
Clair, clear. Clair is also used for light, like - clair. Lot of light, but also if the weather is good and no cloud and stuff like this.
Le temps est clair. the weather is clear.
3. Next one: ensoleillé
Ensoleillé, sunny. If you study well the last week words: La ville de Nice est ensoleillée, Nice is sunny. Do you remember it? It also works. So, Nice est une ville ensoleillée. Nice is a sunny city.
4. Next one is: humide
Humide, humid.
It’s humid in my room. Dans ma chambre il fait humide, which happens a lot in France.
5. Next one is: nuageux
Nuageux, cloudy. The weather outside is cloudy. That’s not it.
In North of France, the weather outside is cloudy. Dans le nord de la France, le temps est souvent nuageux. It’s often cloudy, so yeah.
The end so see you next week for the French word of the week and don’t forget to check the website to get more words and more explanation and don’t forget to come back next week. See you.