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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hi everyone and welcome back to weekly words and let’s start this week with jobs. Hey that’s a nice one. So jobs. First job is
1. infirmière
Infirmière, nurse. Mon père est infirmier. My dad is a nurse, which is true.
Infirmière is for women and infirmier will be for men.
2. officier de police
Officier de police, police officer or you can just say policier.
This police officer is so mean. Ce policier est trop méchant.
C'est un gent il officier de police. It’s a nice police officer.
3. employé(e) de bureau
Employé(e) de bureau, office worker. It looks boring being an office worker.
Je suis employée de bureau. I am an office worker. Simple.
4. Next one: ingénieur
Ingénieur, engineer.
Wouldn’t it be nice to marry an engineer? Ce serait plut ôt sympa de se marier avec un ingénieur, non?
Yeah, I said something nice, great.
5. programmeur
Programmeur, which is programmer. I thought we did computer word already.
Le programmeur programme un programme. The programmer is programming a program. Three times that we can use the same word easily. Okay.
Le programmeur fait un jeu. So programmer is making a game, which would be super nice.
And it’s the end again. So let’s see you next week in weekly words. Bye.


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I'm trying to learn the phrase "to take care of"

Le travail de la baby-sitter est de s'occuper des enfants.

L'infirmière prend soin des patients.

Le devoir de l'infirmière est de prendre soin des patients.

Porte-toi bien.

There are 2 verbs or verb phrases: s'occuper, prendre soin

Is that right? I thought there was a verb "soigner"?

How do you say "Take care" as in telling a person to take care of himself when you say goodbye?