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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words and this week will be about drinks. I like drinking. I shouldn’t say that. First one,
1. café
Coffee, café.
Everyone in the office owes me coffee. Tout le monde au bureau me doit des cafés. It’s true.
I love coffee. J'aime le café.
Coffee wakes me up. Le café me réveille.
2. Next one: jus de fruits
Jus de fruits, fruit juice. Those are delicious.
Natural fruit juice. Un jus de fruits naturel. You can have some at the corner of the street over there.
My favorite fruit juice is pineapple juice. Mon jus de fruit préféré est le jus d'ananas.
3. eau
Eau, water.
You should drink more water. Tu devrais boire plus d'eau. Water!
I ran out of water. Je n'ai plus d'eau.
L'eau est la plus saine des boissons. Water is the healthiest drink.
4. bière
Beer, bière.
To have a beer belly. Avoir un bidon de bière.
Too much beer will make you drunk. Trop de bière rend soûl.
Don’t drink too much beer. Ne buvez pas trop de bière. Except after work, you deserve one.
5. Next is: lait
Lait, milk.
Cow milk. Du lait de vache.
Or soy milk, du lait de soja.
To make cheese with goat milk. Faire du fromage avec du lait de chèvre.
And it’s the end. So tell me what’s your favorite drink in the comments. Don’t forget to check the word list from the website and we will see you next week. See-ya. Glaçons, Ice. Ice, ice baby! And this is going to stay and I will be ashamed for all my life. thank you.


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Bonjour Careyotani,

Il faut dire "une glace au café".

A bientôt !

Marie Alice

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Comment s'appelle café avec glace (ice cream)?