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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words, watchers. So this week will be about post office. Oh man! First one is:
1. boîte aux lettres
Boîte aux lettres, mailbox.
My mailbox is overfilling. Ma boît e aux let t res déborde.
Because you get a lot of advertising in your mailbox in France. So it might be just so full of paper.
2. colis
Parcel, colis.
I love receiving parcels. J'adore recevoir des colis. It’s always full of fun stuff. Usually I send them to myself.
I send myself parcels. Je m'envoie des colis à moi-même.
So I don’t lose things because it’s convenient. Next one:
3. timbres
Timbres, stamp.
To put the stamp on the envelope, you have to lick it to glue.
Mettre un timbre sur une enveloppe. put a stamp on the envelope.
You can tell someone is timbres, you’re “stampy”, a bit crazy.
To make a stamp collection. Collectioner des timbres. It’s very popular in France. That’s why we have all the fancy holiday stamps.
4. facteur
Facteur, mailman.
Le facteur sonne toujours deux fois. The mailman always rings twice. I don’t know if it’s a movie or an expression or both.
It means that when your husband is away, the mailman just comes in to ring once for the male and once for the wife.
So mailman gets chased by dogs. Le facteur se fait poursuivre par les chiens. Or In Garfield, it’s by the cat. I am just like Garfield sometimes.
5. lettre
Écrire une lettre. To write the letter. No one writes letter anymore.
I like writing letters. J'aime écrire des lettres. it’s all fancy and old school. Try it sometime. You can send me one.
Write me a letter. Écrivez-moi une lettre! I will be super happy!
And it’s the end, so try your luck at the post office in France and try using those words and we will see you next week. So don’t forget to check the word list and leave me a comment about your French post office experience if it was bad as mine or if you had a better one. Maybe you were lucky. So bye.