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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey watchers and welcome back to French weekly words. This week is mammals like humans yeah, les mammifères, okay.
1. cochon
Cochon, pig. You are a pig. Pig will be like *making pig sounds*.
Pigs live in farms Les cochons vivent dans des fermes.
pigs are delicious with mushroom sauce. Les cochons c'est bon avec une sauce aux champignons. Let’s not eat all the mammals.
2. cheval
Cheval. Horse.
Horse are good with salt and pepper. Le cheval c'est bon avec du sel et du poivre. seriously I did that.
A race horse. Un cheval de course.
or to ride a horse Faire du cheval.
3. Next one is: chien
Chien, a dog *making dog sounds*
I feel shy doing the dog, uff, uff, uff hey master yea, master I’m so happy.
Take the dog out for a walk. Sortir le chien faire une promenade.
Don’t forget to feed the dog. N'oublie pas de nourrir le chien! Or else it would cry all night and it will be like *dog crying sounds* and it’s annoying for the neighbors.
4. chat
Chat, cats. *nya~*I like the kitties *meow* Ah in French, they are the same. Cat does meow! It’s like *meow* And the small ones like *meow* and it is so cute.
I love cats. J'aime les chats .
I step on my cat. J'ai marché sur mon chat. Poor dear. It was like hah!
If you walk on the dog, it would be like crying and be like uhh…and if you step on the cat, it would be like *cat sounds* that’s the difference between cats and dogs.
5. lapin
Ah something I like to eat again. Rabbit, lapin. Eat the rabbit.
It’s so delicious with mustard. Le lapin à la moutarde. Mustard rabbit, which is so good, really, if it’s cooked well, but rabbits are so full of little bones. So it’s kind of tricky to eat but it’s umm great. You should try this in France.
You should feed your rabbit salad. Vous devriez donner de la salade à votre lapin. Or just eat the rabbit with salad, and rice on the side.
Next one, it is the end already. So what’s your favorite mammal? So put it in the comment below and check the word list for more French words and we will see you next time. Bye.