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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey welcome back to weekly words and let’s get started with new batch of words mystery. What are they? Computer words. I don’t know anything about computer, come on. So computer words, let’s go.
1. clavier
Clavier. A keyboard.
Taper un texte avec le clavier. Type text on the keyboard.
It is the same word as piano and everything that has the - buttons yeah. What am I saying?
2. souris
Souris, mouse.
Same as English, the mouse is same as the little animal.
So, Cliquer avec la souris, click with mouse.
3. Next one is: casque audio
Casque audio is headphones.
So listening music with my headphones. Ecout er de la musique dans le casque audio.
You can also just say casque, you don’t have to add the audio at the end.
4. moniteur
Moniteur, monitor.
Regarder un film sur le moniteur. Watching a movie on the monitor. Because I like movie.
5. imprimante
Imprimante is a printer. So, Imprimer avec l'imprimante. Print with a printer.
You said computer words was fun.
The end. So see you next week for new weekly words, bye.