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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey welcome back to French weekly words. This week’s theme is personalities.
1. en colère
Angry en colère. So angry. I am never angry.
Tu me mets en colère. You make me angry.
Je suis en colère. I am angry.
No one is bringing me coffee and it makes me angry. Personne ne m'apporte mon café et ça me met en colère.
Someone promised me coffee and didn’t bring it, now I am super angry.
2. Next one is: poli
Poli, polite.
It’s nice to be polite. C'est bien d'êt re poli.
So when you are going to France, try being polite with people. *kuh* Would you like some tea? S’il vous plaît monsieur, mademoiselle, merci beaucoup. You can be super polite like holding the door, this is polite.
3. Next one is: sévère
Sévère, strict. *grrr*
A strict teacher. Professeur sévère.
Strict can be also used for something you have a lot but in a bad way like pimples,
strict pimple, acné sévère.
It means you have a lot of it all over your face.
4. Next one is:populaire
Populaire, popular.
I am popular. Je suis populaire. yeah just now.
She is the most popular in school. C'est la fille la plus populaire de l'école.
or popular movie. Un film populaire.
Agaçant, annoying. I can be really annoying. Je peux être très agaçante. I love you.
Done! So hey, we are done for today. So see you next week for more French weekly words. Don’t forget to check the website to get the word list for this lesson and see you next week. Bye bye.