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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey and welcome back to weekly words. French weekly words. Continents. Yeah! Les continents. First continent is:
1. Afrique
Afrique, Africa. Yo! Let’s go Africa. Waka Waka yeay yea yeay! Time for Africa. Oh! They had football world cup in Africa. Il y a eu la coupe du monde de football en Afrique. With vuvuzela.
I like the desert in Africa. J'aime le désert en Afrique. which is Sahara, riding camels in Africa. You go into desert and get to see the sunrise, and its awesome. Go try it.
2. Next one is: Antarctique
Antarctique, Antarctica.
Antarctica is cold. L'Antarctique c'est froid.
So, to see the northern light in Antarctica. Voir les aurores boréales en Antarctique.
It seems pretty, I want to see one.
3. Next one: Asie
Asia, Asie. I love Asia, it’s my favorite place. Welcome to Thailand, 20 baht, kop kun ka.
I love Asia. J’aime l’Asie. And you should too, because it’s awesome.
Food in Asia is delicious. La nourriture en Asie est délicieuse.
Countries in Asia are also different. Les pays en Asie sont vraiment tous différents. That was insightful.
4. Next one: Amérique du Nord
Amérique du Nord, North America.
I like to go to North America. J'aimerais aller en Amérique du Nord. Yeah America.
5. Next one is: Amérique du Sud
South America, Amérique du Sud. That’s where I am from hey. So I’m half French and half from Venezuela.
In South America, we speak Spanish. En Amérique du Sud on parle espagnol. Except in Brazil where it is Portuguese.
We have delicious food as well. You start the morning with fried churros and Arepas and then you just eat fried bananas, plantain bananas which is national dish and you end the night with more fried stuff like fried fish and rice and beans. Amazon forest, go to South America *dancing*.
People are so relaxed in South America. Les gens sont vraiment relaxés en Amérique du Sud.
So for the missing continents, you can go to the website, leave me a comment about your continent or your country and we will see you next week for more French weekly words. Bye.