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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words. Where is the wind! This week, we will be talking about months of the year,
1. janvier
January. So January is janvier.
First of January is the beginning of the year. Le premier janvier est le début de l'année. Happy New Year! January! Party!
2. Next: mai
May. May is mai, easy.
We have a saying in French, En mai, fais ce qui te plaît. In May, you can do whatever you want.
3. Next: mars
Mars, March. In French, we also say mars for the planet Mars.
There is nothing special in March. Il n'y a rien de spécial en mars.
Or you should watch the French holiday video series we have here and we learn what’s in March. And I would learn also.
4. Next is: juin
Juin, June.
June is also hot. En juin aussi il fait chaud.
June 21st is the first day of summer. So we have music party holiday. So – and everyone in the street goes and play music. You can wander around the city and hear music in every corner and chose your likes.
June 21st is Music Day in France. Le 21 juin c'est la fêt e de la musique en France.
5. novembre
November, novembre.
I was born in November. Je suis née en novembre.
My birthday is in November. Mon anniversaire est en novembre. Send me wishes, guys.
Next is the end. So I will see you next week in more French words. Don’t forget to get the list free on the website and leave a comment with your favorite months, or the months of your birthday, or your favorite season, stuff like that. See you. Party again.

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