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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words. Watchers, it’s your face. Your face, both of us or actually mine. First word is:
1. bouche
Bouche, the mouth.
Having a big mouth. Avoir une grande bouche.
Ovular la bouche. Open your mouth.
bouche, mouth.
2. dents
Next is teeth, dents is teeth.
I have white teeth. J'ai les dents blanches.
Because I brush three times a day, and so should you.
3. Next is: lèvres
Lèvres, lips.
Having red lips. Avoir les lèvres rouges. In English, I think what you have a word on the tip of your tongue. In French, you have it on the border of your lips.
A kiss on the lips. Un bison sur les lèvres. Boyfriend!
4. menton
Menton, chin.
Se reposer sur son menton. To rest on your chin.
5. nez
Nez, nose, le nez.
Having the runny nose. Avoir le nez qui coule. When you are sick and take this chance to go back and see the sick words, sick French words.
When its cold, your nose gets red. Quand il fait froid, votre nez devient rouge. Everything gets red on my face. I should do something about it.
Next one is the end. So don’t forget to check the list of words for this week and maybe leave me a comment about Face and see you next week for more French words. Bye.