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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words with new theme this week. It’s *jyaan* Vegetables, yuck! No, I mean yum! Let’s start with the first one.
1. champignon
Mushroom, le champignon.
A mushroom omelet. Une omelette aux champignons.
Mushrooms can kill you. Les champignons peuvent vous tuer.
2. Next one is: chou
Chou, cabbage. This is also a cute word you can use in French for people you are familiar with like your children or your boyfriend, like you are petit chou, you are a small cabbage. You little cabbage.
Cabbage doesn’t smell really good. Le chou, ça ne sent pas très bon. You have fields and fields of cabbage in some places and when you go through the car smells, avoid them.
3. navet
Navet, Turnip. Turnip is an old vegetable. Le navet est un vieux légume. Which is why you can find it in a lot of old French recipes from the middle ages because we didn’t have potato at that time, so we used Turnip for almost everything.
4. Next one is: poivron
Poivron, okay this one is good. Bell pepper, I like Bell pepper. J'aime les poivrons.
Bell peppers are delicious with a bit of olive oil after putting them in the oven. Les poivrons chest délicieux aver un peu d’guile d’olive et passés au four. Use garlic and salt.
5. pomme de terre
Pomme de terre, Potato. So pomme de terre is potato. You are a big potato. pomme de terre are important in French. Fancy crops, sorry Potato. Potato, yummy, in the soup. Look how healthy I am. You can make French fries with potatoes On peut faire des frit es avec des pommes de terre. Fried vegetables the best way to eat vegetables.
Next one is the end. Aww the end already? Can I introduce you to Tomato, la
tomate, and carrot, la carotte, and celery, which you don’t like either but it’s good in the soup. Can we do meat next? Leave a comment about your favorite or least favorite vegetable. That’s it. So see you next week with more French words and silly stuff or just for more French words. See you next week, bye.