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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words still in France. This week’s theme is flavors. Hey good one, flavors, le goût.
1. So first one is: salé
Salé “salty”. Cheese is salty, Le fromage est salé.
Unless you eat it with Jam like French people.
I like salty stuff. J'aime les trucs salés.
2. Next: sucré
Sucré is “sweet”.
Cakes are sweet. Les gât eaux sont sucrés.
Every advertising about food will come with notice that say avoid eating too salty or too sweet. So avoid eating too sweet. Évitez de manger trop sucré.
3. Next is: épicé
épicé “spicy”. I am spicy. Je suis épicé(e). I’m not but you get the idea.
French cuisine isn’t that spicy. La cuisine française n'est pas très épicée.
4. amer
Amer it is “bitter”.
I don’t like bitter stuff, Je n'aime pas les trucs amers.
Or bitter chocolates, Du chocolat amer.
5. Next is: acide
Acide “sour”. Acide is not like acid, you know, the thing what burns your skin. No, it’s just sour.
Lemons are sour. Sour! Lemons are sour, Les citrons sont acides.
Next one is the end. So it’s the end and tell me what’s your favorite flavor. Do you rather like salty stuff or sweet stuff and let’s do like maybe sour bitter stuff. Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to check this week list on the website and see you next week, bye.