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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey watchers and welcome back to French weekly words. So today’s theme is colors. Colors, like, les couleurs. Roses are red, violets are blue, I like to learn French and so do you.
1. First one is: white, blanc.
Blanc is white. My pant is white, and my socks are dirty.
Mon pantalon est blanc. My pants is (are) white.
2. Next one, bleu
Bleu is blue, and Le ciel est bleu. The sky is blue.
Blue berries are blue.
3. Next one, gris
Gris is gray. You often say gris souris, mousy gray.
Elephants are also gray. I like elephants. les éléphant s sont gris.
4. Next is yellow, jaune.
Yellow is jaune. Sunflowers are also yellow, and corn is yellow, and I like yellow. Do you know this anime whereas the guy goes: This box is extremely yellow. Cette boîte est extrêmement jaune. Its okay.
5. Next one: vert
Vert is green. Trees are green, Les arbres sont verts.
We have this expression Se mettre au vert, which is going green where you go for retreats in nature and spend your time between the trees and you have no internet and stuff like that.
This is the end and see you next week for more French words, get the list for free on the website and you may comment about your favorite color, maybe? Mine is blue, so tell me yours and see you next week, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Les garçons font du bicyclette sur des bicyclettes rouges, et les filles font du bicyclette sur des bicyclettes bleux.

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ma couleur preferee est le rogue ?