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Lesson Transcript

You Can See the Stars During the Day in France!
In this lesson, we’re going to learn about Deauville's American movie festival. I’m Becky, and you're listening to Season 1, Lesson 2 - You Can See the Stars During the Day in France!
In the previous lesson, we talked about the Cannes film festival, which is the most famous film festival in France. In this lesson we’ll discuss the Deauville American Film Festival to highlight the great and interesting things the city of Deauville has to offer.
The Deauville American Film Festival, or Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville, is a yearly film festival devoted to American cinema that has been taking place since 1975 in Deauville, Normandy, France. Lasting for a duration of ten days in September, it used to be non-competitive, but started to give awards for feature films in 1995, and for short films in 1998.
Less than a two-hour drive away from Paris, Deauville is a popular location for Parisians to come to visit the sea, or mer, beaches or plages, and enjoy the fresh air! People from the South of France often snicker when they hear about Parisians going to Northern beaches because the climate is so much better in the South, but, it's nevertheless a pleasant change from the crowds of Paris!
For those who don't care much for beaches and the sea, there's the Deauville Casino; in French, casino is called casino. Yet for many people who prefer not to lose their money so quickly, the biggest draw of Deauville is the superstars of American cinema like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, or even Sharon Stone. It's not exactly Hollywood, but it has a certain charm.
It’s quite relaxing to spend the day touring the beaches and seeing the famous Deauville panels displaying the names of great American actors, or acteurs, and producers, or producteurs.
Finally, if you're tired of Deauville and star scoping, try taking a tour around Honfleur, less than twenty minutes away by car, and discover a charming little town full of blooming flowers.
So listeners, how did you like this lesson? Did you learn anything interesting?
Have you ever encountered any stars in real life?
Until next time!