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Lesson Transcript

We Had the Greatest Time Playing Games Last Night in France!
In this lesson, we’re going to learn about table games played in France. I’m Becky, and you're listening to Season 1, Lesson 13 - We Had the Greatest Time Playing Games Last Night in France!
In the bars of Nantes, people often encounter an association that promotes all kinds of games, such as wooden games, board games, and card games. This association is called En jouez-vous?, literally meaning “Do you play?” The games played are typically games of skill, like the "frog game", in French known as jeu de la grenouille, where players have to throw quoits into holes to raise their score. If you manage to throw one into the frog's mouth, you win the maximum!
These kinds of games are becoming more and more popular in France as of late, and specialized stores are opening all over the country. In Nantes, you can find any kind of game you can imagine. For example, you can build the biggest field for your sheep flock in "La guerre des moutons" or the largest city in “Citadelle” or even challenge your friends to discover who knows more songs containing one specific word in "Shababada". In "Elixir", which is one of the favorite card games played in France, each player plays a great magician and casts spells, such as one to oblige somebody to vouvoyer you and call you "master" until the end of the game.
Role-playing games, or jeux de rôle, are popular as well. Before even starting a game, you have to create your character, giving it a name, origins, and his or her own qualities. During the game, you have to interact with other players to solve a case and accomplish the mission according to the goal of the game you're playing.
You can also take part in a murder party, or soirée enquête, where you must play the part of your character for the whole evening. If you want the party to go well, you have to dress up, learn the back-story of your character, have some acting skill, and most important of all, not slip out of character!
So listeners, how did you like this lesson? Did you learn anything interesting?
Which of the games mentioned in this lesson would you like to play first?
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