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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to Ask a Teacher, where I'll answer your most common French questions.
The question for this lesson is-- What’s the difference between J’adore ça and Je l’adore?
Both sentences mean, "I love it." How do you know which one to use?
In J'adore ça, ça refers to a general or abstract thing. The l-apostrophe in Je l'adore refers to something specific.
Let’s go through some examples so you can learn how to use J’adore ça and Je l’adore correctly.
Say your friend wants to offer you some chocolate. They ask you, Tu aimes le chocolat? meaning "Do you like chocolate?" You might respond, J'adore ça! "I love it!"
Let’s continue the conversation. Your friend gives you the chocolate and you take a bite. Then, your friend might ask, Tu aimes ce chocolat? meaning "Do you like this chocolate?" In this case, you'd answer, Je l'adore! Again, “I love it!” Here, you’re talking about the specific chocolate you were given, not chocolate in general.
Following this rule, if you're talking about food, industries, or general activities, you use ça. Things like les fruits, "fruits," les maths, "mathematics," or la campagne, "the countryside." For those, it's J'adore ça.
On the other hand, ce cours de maths, "this math class," or ta maison, "your house," or ce film, "this film," are specific things, so you use, Je l'adore.
You can use Je l'adore for people, too. You could say, Hélène, je l'adore, elle est trop sympa, which means, "I love Hélène, she's so kind."
One good tip is to be careful when using adorer with your significant other. In this context, it means something closer to "I worship him or her." In this case, you should say, Je l'aime, instead.
Pretty neat, right?
If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them!
A bientôt, see you soon!


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Instructor was very nice and has a beautifully French accent.

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very helpful to know the difference as I did not know there was a difference