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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back watchers. This week, we are going to be talking about ten phrases you always want to hear. This will be nice. So what do you want to hear? You are so funny.
Il y aura un bonus à la fin du mois. There will be a bonus at the end of the month.
This will be so nice. So sad it’s not true. Yeah if your boss tells you this Il y aura un bonus à la fin du mois. then you get extra money. Isn’t it nice? If I had the bonus, I would not come to work anymore and go traveling somewhere.
Le budget est illimité. The budget is unlimited.
This also sounds nice. Like if you put me in a store with Le budget est illimité. I would buy lots of and lots of food and drinks too. Allons au restaurant avec un budget illimité. Let’s go to the restaurant with an unlimited budget.
Prenez une pause, je vais faire le ménage aujourd'hui. Take a break, I do the cleaning today.
So this is also the polite version. So if you want to talk more casually, it is Prends une pause, je vais faire le ménage aujourd'hui. Prends une pause, I’m doing the dishes and the cleaning, everything. Just sit down and enjoy. This would be nice. Yeah this is also something I want to hear.
Et vous gagnez. And you win.
Et vous gagnez. And you win. Yeah, what do I win? Et vous gagnez... un voyage en Amérique! And you win a trip to the USA. From East coast to West Coast starting with New York and going to Chicago and maybe visit some friends in the south and then go all the way to California and then via Las Vegas back to California and from California, take a plane ticket to Japan.
Tu me manques. I miss you.
Tu m'as manqué. I missed you. Vous avez fait un excellent travail. You did a great job. Ey good job today Lya, thank you. So if you manage to learn all the French sentences Vous avez fait un excellent travail.
Vous aviez raison. You are right.
I told you so. If someone recognize that you are right, then tell yourself, that’s nice.
Vous êtes un excellent cuisinier. You are an excellent cook.
Vous êtes un excellent cuisinier. This is one I often get… So do you get this comment Vous êtes un excellent cuisinier. ? If so, what did you cook to get that comment? Leave it in the comments.
Tu es joli(e). You are pretty.
Ah you look so pretty today. Tu as l'air très joli(e) aujourd'hui. Only today?
Je vous ai apporté quelque chose de spécial. I brought you something special.
What could be quelque chose de spécial? I would like to be given a kitten. They are cute.
So Vous avez fait un excellent travail aujourd'hui. So you did a great job today and see you next time. Don’t forget to subscribe to learn more French. Bye bye. What can we cook today?