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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words and this week is going to be ten lines you need for introducing yourself. Here we go!
1. Comment t'appelles-tu? What’s your name?
Bonjour, comment t'appelles-tu? Hello what’s your name?
2. Es-tu déjà allé(e) en France? Have you been to France?
So yeah people will be like Es-tu déjà allé(e) en France? and then you can answer, no it’s my first time. So Non, c'est ma première fois.
3. Comment vas-tu? How are you? How are you doing?
Comment vas-tu? when you meet someone in the morning, you are like, hi, how are you doing Hey, salut, comment vas-tu? or Comment ça va? usually when speaking with friends, it’s Comment ça va? So Hey, comment ça va? Ca va bien! something like that.
4. Aimes-tu la cuisine française? Do you like French food?
Come on, everyone likes French food. It’s the best dish in the world. So tell me in the comments if you like French food and what’s your favorite French food because we got plenty of it. My favorite French food is croissant. We can have them for Breakfast. They are better and yummy and crunchy and everything.
5. C'est quand votre anniversaire? When is your birthday?
This one is quite polite and if you want to use less formal version, it would be C'est quand ton anniversaire? My birthday is... Mon anniversaire est...
6. D'où venez-vous? Where are you from?
I am from France. So D'où venez-vous? where are you from? Well obviously I am from France. Where are you from?
7. Où as-tu appris le français? Where did you learn French?
On frenchpod101.com, that’s why you are here. So if you are really good and speak French to people pretty easily, they will be like Où as-tu appris le français? Where did you learn French? Tell them you watch Lya’s video.
8. Où habitez-vous? Where do you live?
Where do you guys live? So if you are traveling to France, this will also be a question you will commonly be asked. So Où habitez-vous?I live in America.
9. Où sont les toilettes? Where is the bathroom?
Où sont les toilettes? Where is the bathroom? This is an important sentence to know when you are going to restaurant or wherever in the metro. Don’t go to the toilet in the metro because first you have to pay for it, then its super dirty. Toilets in French, it’s a plural noun because you have to look for many toilets before finding one that’s clean. So that’s what we say in French. So yeah don’t hesitate to ask about it. Maybe you would be surprised. Où sont les toilettes?
10. Où travaillez-vous? Where do you work?
Or Où travailles-tu? is a more casual version. Je travaille en tant que designer. I work as a designer. This is fancy to say. So just go visit.
So that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to subscribe whatever it is. And go to the website to learn more French. See you next time, bye. Noise, noise baby!