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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Lindsay from Frenchpod101.com
In this video, we’ll be talking about the Top 10 Words to Know Before Taking an Airplane. Let’s begin. I just went onto one actually few days ago.
1. Cabine “cabin.”
J'ai seulement un gros bagage en cabine. “I only have one large cabin bag.”
Yeah, I had a big one myself.
2. Ceinture de sécurité “seat belt.”
Il faut attacher votre ceinture de sécurité avant le décollage. “You must fasten your seatbelt before take-off.”
Yeah usually, the air hostess, how do you call that? The flight attendant asks you to do that right before take-off.
3. Numéro de siège “seat number.”
Quel est ton numéro de siège? “what is your seat number?”
So when I took the plane to go to Hawaii, actually I found out that I had the same seat number as another man. So I had to ask him to show me his ticket and yeah, we did have the same. So I had to change my seat, unfortunately. And he got a VIP seat and I did not.
4. Coussin “pillow”
Makes me wanna sleep right now.
J'ai oublié mon coussin. “I forgot my pillow.”
I never bring one in a plane but actually international plane, they give one but small, you know, six-hours flight, they don’t really give one, or ask the attendants to get one.
5. Décalage horaire “time difference”
De combien est le décalage horaire entre les USA et la France? “What is the time difference between the US and France?”
I believe it’s about nine hours from what I recall. I think my parents told me that or eight hours. I know that with Hawaii, US, from Los Angeles and Hawaii, this is three hours, two hours? More or less? Well, depending on how you see it.
6. Compartiment au-dessus des sièges “overhead storage compartment.”
Il n'y a pas beaucoup de place dans le compartiment au-dessus des sièges. “There isn't much space in the overhead storage compartment.”
Usually, this is where you put your carry-on luggage and people always fill it out.
7. Sortie de secours “emergency exit.”
That is the most scary thing to hear.
Où est la sortie de secours? “where is the emergency exit?”
They always ask – they always show you this video when you are in a plane and they show you where are the emergency exit. Hopefully, nobody has ever to use them because this is really scary.
8. Siège “seat”
Les sièges sont confortables. “These seats are comfortable.”
Well, usually on planes, the seats maybe if you are first class, they are comfortable but if you’re not, I am not sure they are.
9. Hôtesse de l'air “flight attendant”
L'hôtesse de l'air est gentille. “The flight attendant is nice.”
Yeah, I just flew with Hawaiian airlines and they were really nice.
10. Pilote “pilot”
Mon cousin veut devenir pilote. “My cousin wants to become a pilot.”
I am not sure mine wants to.