Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Lindsay from Frenchpod101.com.
In this video, we’ll be talking about the Top 10 Pick-up Lines You Can Use at Your Own Risk. Let’s begin. I love it!
1. Si le verbe "aimer" n'existait pas, je l'aurais inventé en te voyant. “If the verb 'to love' didn't exist, I would have invented it upon seeing you."
This is an indirect declaration of love. It’s like comparing the other person to the feeling of love itself. So romantic. People use it a lot. I’ve seen it in movies.
2. On devrait t'arrêter pour excès de beauté sur la voie publique. “You should get arrested for being excessively beautiful in public.”
Oh my gosh! I’d love somebody to tell me that. You can use this if you want to tell someone in a fun way that they look beautiful. If you make anyone laugh, it did for me. So it’s a good icebreaker.
3. J'ai un problème avec mon portable il manque ton numéro. “I have a problem with my phone, your number is missing.”
I’ve never heard this one but wow, I love it. Use this if you want to ask someone their phone number in a fun and indirect way. Yeah, use it. That’s really funny.
4. Il y a tellement de soleil dans tes yeux que je bronze quand tu me regardes. “There is so much sun in your eyes that I can get a tan when you look at me.”
Wow! This is both fun and funny and you have to be brave to use this as probably the other person would just laugh at you.
5. J'aimerais être une goutte de sang pour mieux connaître ton coeur.
So Romantic.
J'aimerais être une goutte de sang pour mieux connaître ton coeur.
Très romantique.
“I would like to be a drop of blood so I could better know your heart.”
This is so poetic. Use it if you feel romantic. Yes, use it for me, please. I’ve never heard it before.
6. Tu t'appelles Google? Parce que je trouve en toi tout ce que je cherche.
“Is your name Google? Because I find in you everything that I am looking for.”
Thumbs up! Such a good one. Using this, the other person will certainly love but at the same time, it’s very daring and direct.
7. Est-ce que tu as un plan? Je me suis perdu(e) dans tes yeux. “Do you have a map? Because I'm lost in your eyes.”
Oh my gosh! That’s so romantic. Use this when you want to compliment someone’s eyes and make them laugh at the same time. Why nobody tells me this stuff. I love it.
8. Viens vivre dans mon coeur, sans payer de loyer! “Come live in my heart, rent free!”
This is like playing your last card as it’s like saying, if you don’t have anyone else, I am available. Je suis free, je suis libre, I am available. Yes, do you hear me?
9. Tu as de beaux yeux tu sais. “You know you have beautiful eyes.”
This is just a lot. This is pretty direct. So you need to say it with the right tone of the voice.
Tu as de beaux yeux tu sais.
10. Tu dois être fatigué(e) parce que tu as trotté dans ma tête toute la journée. “You must be tired, because you've been running through my head all day.”
That’s like saying, I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s a fun way to tell someone I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. It is. I love it.