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Lesson Transcript


Hi, everyone, I’m Lindsay from FrenchPod101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about the 5 Most Popular French Bands. A really great way to learn any language is through it's music. Here are a few famous French bands to check out! Let’s begin!
The first band is ...
[Normal] Louise Attaque [Slow] Louise Attaque
It literally means "Louise Attacks" and refers to the the French anarchist woman Louise Michel, who was active in the 19th century.
Louise Attaque est un groupe de pop rock français formé en 1994.
"Louise Attaque is a pop rock band founded in 1994."
Now the second band...
[Normal] Noir Désir [Slow] Noir Désir
One of their best sellers is Le vent nous portera. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t yet!
Noir Désir est un groupe de rock de Bordeaux.
"Noir Désir is a rock band from Bordeaux."
Now you may have heard of the third band...
[Normal] Daft Punk [Slow] Daft Punk
This group has played an important role in electronic music history and is known all around the world.
Daft Punk est un groupe de musique électronique.
"Daft Punk is an electronic music band."
Next up is...
[Normal] Era [Slow] Era
This band plays new age music, which is generally very relaxing and also uses sounds from the natural world.
Era est un projet musical fondé par Éric Lévi.
"Era is a musical project made by Éric Lévi."
Another great band is...
[Normal] Gojira [Slow] Gojira
When they formed their band in 1996, their name was Godzilla. They changed it to Gojira in 2001.
Gojira est un groupe de métal extrême.
"Gojira is a heavy metal band."
And if you like beats, you’ll love...
[Normal] IAM [Slow] IAM
IAM is a very famous French hip hop band from Marseille, formed in 1989. One of their best sellers is Petit frère.
IAM est un groupe de rap.
"IAM is a rap band."
Another well-known band is...
[Normal] Tryo [Slow] Tryo
Tryo is a French band, but they are known also in the rest of Europe, and in Canada.
Je suis allé(e) au concert de Tryo.
"I went to Tryo's concert."


Okay, that's all for this lesson. Did you already know these bands? Do you know other French bands? Let me know in the comments! And see you next time!
À bientôt!