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Lesson Transcript

Hey, watchers! And welcome back to top words. This week will be about Top 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce. So what’s hard to pronounce in French?
1. Heureux. Happy.
Heureux. Is it so hard to pronounce? Maybe for English speakers because the eu sound is really peculiar to the French language, heureux, heureux.
Because I am happy, par ce que je suis heureux.
You make me happy. Tu me rend heureux.
2. Huile d'olive. Olive oil.
Really? Huile d'olive. Yeah, it’s full of ui ui….You try it, huile d'olive. It’s a oily sound, huile.
I like olive oil. J’aime l’huile d'olive.
Pasta with olive oil, des pâtes à l'huile d'olive, this is delicious.
3. Je. I.
I, je, it also has a same sound for game, des jeux, jeux vidéos, video games.
It’s the e sound again, try it, e.
Je vais à la mer. I am going to beach.
4. Je voudrais sortir. I would like to go out
Je voudrais sortir. It’s again full of ou. It sounds like the French language. It’s made only of vowels. Je voudrais sortir.
I would like to go out tonight. Je voudrais sortir ce soir. and party.
5. Livre. Book.
Oh, I see, because for English speaking people, the R sound is also quite difficult to pronounce in French livre because it’s going to be rrrr, like a motor, rrrr.
J’aime lire des livres. I like reading books. That must be a complicated sentence to say for you guys.
6. Mémoire. Memory.
Je n’ai pas de mémoire. I get no memory.
3 second memory, 3 secondes de mémoire.
7. Merci. Thank you.
Merci. Yes, e and r sound again, merci, don’t forget to roll the R a little bit rrr, merci.
Merci beaucoup. Thank you very much.
Je vous remercie. I thank you, kind sir or kind lady, madam.
8. Mercredi. Wednesday.
Mercredi. Have fun trying to pronounce this one, mercredi.
Je fais du sport le mercredi. I do sports on Wednesday, not true.
9. Quincaillerie. Hardware store.
Acheter un marteau à la quincaillerie. To buy a hammer at the hardware store.
10. Très bien. Very good.
Très bien. This also must be complicated, très bien, try to roll the R sound again, très bien.
You did really good. Tu as très bien fait.
If you can pronounce this one, it’s très bien. If you can pronounce this one, it’s very good.
And it’s the end. So try to try and pronounce these word and pay a particular attention to the E sound and R, like rrrr, and we will see you next time for more words. Don’t forget to subscribe and check the website. See you next time, à bientôt!


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which phrase do you like the most?

Thursday at 06:06 AM
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Bonjour Sarah,

Je comprends, ce n'est pas facile ! Il faut s’entraîner et beaucoup répéter !

Courage !!

Merci pour votre commentaire.

Bonne soirée

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Tuesday at 06:32 PM
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J'ai aime cette lecon mais J'ai toujours un probmleme avec rrrrrrrr 😜

Tuesday at 05:16 AM
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Bonjour Fred !

Merci pour votre message. Je suis sure que vous allez y arriver !

English speakers must not think of this letter as an R. Indeed, the French R is nothing like the English R or the Spanish R. The French R is also called guttural R because it is pronounced in the throat. It is made in the back of the mouth, with the back of the tongue elevating to make the /r/ sound

Bonne journée !

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Friday at 06:16 PM
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le son de 'R' n'est pas possible à mon âge 😭, des idées?

Saturday at 05:50 AM
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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for posting.

This entry which is in the [Vocabulary] section you can practice its pronunciation with the [voice recorder] tool. It pops out when you click on the microphone icon.

PS: The voice recording tool is developed by Flash, and you need access to the site on your PC or Mac to enjoy the feature.

You can listen to the native speaker's pronunciation and record your voice to practice and adjust your pronunciation accordingly.👍

Keep up studying well and soon you’ll get great results!



Team FrenchPod101.com

Wednesday at 04:06 PM
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The word quincaillerie is definitely difficult to pronounce. 😒

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Saturday at 01:27 AM
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Merci Nicole !

C'est très intéressant de connaitre votre point de vue !

Courage avec la prononciation, n’abandonnez pas ! :thumbsup:

Bon week-end !

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Friday at 05:27 AM
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I love the musicality of huile d'olive.

The words I have a lot of trouble with are moelleux, feuilletée and mouille.

I am getting a lot from using the voice recorder function for hearing and practicing my prononciation alongside the native speaker, this is an incredibly useful feature!

Friday at 06:22 AM
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Heureux... definitely.....

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Thursday at 05:55 AM
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Bonjour Mike !

Thank you for your comment !

Do not worry, it's a difficult word to pronounce !

The more you try the more you succeed !

Keep up the hard work !

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com