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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I am Lindsay from FrenchPod101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about the top 10 language learning strategies. So let’s begin!
1. Liez-vous d'amitié ou mettez-vous en couple avec une personne française. “Befriending or dating someone who speaks French.”
So I think that’s a really great strategy to learn the language if you speak every day with the person that is your friend or your boyfriend.
2. Regarder des films ou écouter de la musique en français. “Watching movies or listening to music in French.”
So I think it’s going to help you to learn the language more easily if every day, you watch some movies, even with subtitles like this. It helps you to see what is written and everything.
3. Lisez des journaux français ou magazines français. “Read French newspapers or French magazines.”
So that would help you very much with the language because you will see words that you’ve never seen before and eventually, you can look them up in the dictionary and like this, we can know what it means.
4. Enregistrez votre voix et comparez votre prononciation avec des Français natifs. “Record your voice and compare your pronunciation with native French speakers.”
So I think that really helps with the accents like this, you can hear how you sound. You can watch my videos again and like this, you can compare how I speak with how you speak and you’ll see if it matches or not.
5. Téléchargez des pistes de dialogue et écoutez les conversations françaises. “Download dialog tracks and listen to French conversations.”
So that will really help you with the accents, the way everybody talks. You will be able to learn new words and you will be able to, for example, if they ask a question, you’re able to answer.
6. Répétez les expressions que vous entendez à voix haute encore et encore. “Repeat the phrases that you hear out loud again and again.”
So I think that’s a really good strategy in order to learn French to repeat over and over again what you just listened to or what you just learned because it will help you to have that in your mind and you’ll be able to say it more easily.
7. Revoyez toutes les leçons sur Frenchpod101.com pour les maîtriser complètement. “Review all the lessons on FrenchPod101.com to master them completely.”
That will really help you to speak better French if you go back and review all the videos that I have done or other French native have done. Yeah like this, you’ll be able to master it really completely and you’ll be able to use it in quite a few different situations.
8. Lisez les phrases lentement au début, après relisez-les et augmentez votre vitesse. “Read sentences slowly at first, then re-read them and increase your speed.”
I think that’s a really great thing to do because at first, you want to have the pronunciation right so it’s better to decompose the word little by little and then when you’re going to be more comfortable, you’ll be able to say it like really quickly.
9. Donnez-vous des petits et mesurables objectifs pour apprendre avec des dates limite propres. “Set small and measurable learning goals with your personal deadlines.”
So I think that’s really good if you give yourself some deadline and do not try to learn too much at first because you might just quit if you do that. So that’s better if you give yourself little by little to learn and give yourself deadline as well. That’s a really good thing to see if you improved or not.
10. Essayez des leçons qui sont plus difficiles, pour vous surpasser et vous améliorer rapidement. “Try harder lessons to challenge yourself and improve faster.”
So at first, you’re going to learn those quick and simple words, but then you want to challenge yourself and learn more complex sentences for example. So that’s better if you try to learn harder lessons.
So how was it? If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll see you next time!