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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I am Lindsay from FrenchPod101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about the top 10 French slang phrases.
1. être au taquet “to be going flat out”
So être au taquet means to be ready for something, like when you are really motivated. You can say, Je suis au taquet or “I'm going flat out.”
2. se faire griller “to be busted”
For example, if you’re caught cheating, you can say, Oh mon Dieu je me suis fait griller. “Oh my god, I'm being busted.”
3. C'est ouf. “It's crazy.”
So for example, if somebody tells you a story that doesn’t even make sense for you, you’re going to say, C'est ouf. “It's crazy.”
4. Ouais, enfin… “Yeah, well…”
So for example, somebody wants to invite you to a party and you’re not really sure and then this person insists and says, “Tom is going to be there.”, and you’re going to say, Ouais, enfin… “Yeah, well…”
5. Ça roule! “Alright!”
If somebody invites you to dinner and say, “Hey, Lindsay, do you want to go out to dinner with me?”, then you can say, Ça roule! “Alright!”
6. etre vénère “to be angry”
So when somebody really pisses you off, you’re going to say, Je suis vénère. “I am angry.”
7. mec “guy”
So that’s an expression that us, French people, use. Instead of saying a man, we’re going to say, mec “guy”.
8. meuf “chick”
So for example, if you see a beautiful girl in the street, well, usually men are going to say, C'est une belle meuf. “It's a cute chick.”
9. avoir le seum “to be pissed”
So when somebody really annoys you or when you’re really annoyed by a situation, you can say, J'ai le seum. “I am pissed.”
10. mauviette “wimp”
That’s an expression that we use, for example when you see a man that is scared of everything, you’re going to say, C'est une mauviette. “It's a wimp.” or “He is a wimp.”
So how was it? If you have any more questions, please comment below and see you next time!