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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Lindsay from frenchpod101.com and in this video, we’d be talking about 10 Phrases to Help You in an Emergency. Let’s begin.
1. Appelez la police, s'il vous plaît. "Call the police, please. "
Use this phrase when you need someone to call the police. In France, you call 17. They should be called if there is a need of police intervention. For example, an accident on the public highway, public disorder, aggression, a robbery, a burglary et cetera.
2. Avez-vous de la fièvre? "Do you have a fever?"
Use this phrase when you want to check someone’s temperature. Generally, when saying this sentence, you place your hand on the person’s forehead to feel if it’s warm.
3. J'ai perdu mon passeport. "I lost my passport. "
Use this phrase when unfortunately for yourself, you lose your passport. In this situation, find and contact the nearest embassy or consulate from your country.
4. Je pense que j'ai mangé quelque chose de mauvais. "I think I ate something bad."
Use this phrase when you are not feeling very well due to intestinal discomfort and you want something to help the pain.
5. J'ai besoin d'un médecin. "I need a doctor. "
Use this phrase when you are not feeling very well. If you are sick, you must see a doctor.
6. Je ne retrouve pas le chemin jusqu'à mon hôtel. "I can't find the way back to my hotel."
Use this phrase when you’re lost and can’t go back to your hotel. In this situation, you can try to find a reputable store. Explain your situation to one of the employees and they would maybe help you. An offline map app is also useful.
7. Y a-t-il une pharmacie dans le coin? "Is there a pharmacy nearby?"
Use this phrase when you need to find a pharmacy without going too far. Do not hesitate to ask a shopkeeper around you. They might know better than the average person on the street.
8. Pourriez-vous m'aider? "Can you help me?"
Use this phrase when you need assistance and you want to ask someone. You can add excusez-moi, "excuse me," at the beginning of the sentence to be more polite.
9. Je suis perdu(e). "I am lost."
Use this phrase when you’re lost. As I already said, do not hesitate to ask to someone like a storekeeper or a police officer to help you.
10. J'ai besoin d'une ambulance. "I need an ambulance."
Use this phrase when you need an ambulance to come. Usually you can call 112, the European emergency number even if you don’t speak French.
Okay. That’s all for the 10 Phrases to Help You in an Emergency.