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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Lindsay from FrenchPod101.com. In this video, we’d be talking about 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Learning French. Let’s begin.
1. Je m'imagine qu'un jour j'irai visiter ou habiter en France! "I imagine that one day I would visit or live in France!"
France has many beautiful cities with nice things to see and good food whether it’s just for sightseeing or living. It’s really worth it.
2. J'étudie également d'autres aspects de la langue, ce qui rend l'apprentissage du français plus enrichissant. "I also study other aspects of the culture, which makes it more rewarding to study French."
It’s always interesting to compare your own culture to others to understand why things are the way they are. By doing research, you can avoid certain culture shocks while traveling.
3. J'aime trouver des mots drôles en apprenant le français! "I like to find funny words in French!"
It’s easier to remember words when you associate them with something.
4. Je deviens ami(e) avec des personnes qui parlent le français. "I make friends with people who speak French."
It’s really helpful to talk to native speakers especially those who don’t understand your mother tongue as it forces you to speak. It’s a very good way to improve your speaking skills.
5. Je regarde les vidéos YouTube de personnes ayant appris le français avec succès. "I watch YouTube videos from other people who have successfully learned French."
It’s always good to get some advice from other people who have been there. Since everybody is different, you might find some things easier and other things harder than they do.
6. J'aime utiliser le français pour passer des commandes dans des restaurants français! "I enjoy using French to order at French restaurants!"
If the waiters and waitresses are native speakers, they might be impressed and it’s a good way to practice ordering food because you will need it if you go to France.
7. Je regarde des films et séries françaises et suis content(e) quand je peux comprendre un mot ou une phrase. "I watch French movies and TV shows and enjoy the feeling I get when I can understand a word or a sentence."
Watching movies and TV shows is good for hearing native French. Things you don’t learn at school and common expressions. If you enjoy watching French shows and movies, you won’t feel like it’s studying. It will just be fun. Being motivated is the best way to learn.
8. J'ai changé la langue de mon téléphone portable, je l'utilise en français maintenant. "I changed the language on my cellphone, I use it in French now."
It helps you learn some useful vocabulary from everyday life.
9. Je lis des livres pour enfants en français. "I read books for children in French."
Children’s books have a lot of difficult French words. So it’s a good way to learn many new words.
10. J'écris ma liste de courses en français. "I write my shopping list in French."
This makes both studying French and shopping fun.
Je suis des recettes françaises quand je cuisine.
Okay. That’s all about 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Learning French. I will see you next time, a bientôt!