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Lesson Transcript

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis Lindsay. Welcome to another episode of Top French Words. Today, our title is 5 Sentence Patterns for Beginners. Let’s start.
1. Je m'appelle... "My name is..."
You can use this when you introduce yourself to others. Using this pattern, you can say,
Je m'appelle Claude. Which means "My name is Claude."
2. Je suis de... "I am from..."
Use this when people ask you where you are from or when you want to include it as a part of your self-introduction.
3. Où est...? "Where is...?"
Here we have Où est...? which means "Where is...?"
For example, you can use it to say Où est la gare? Which means "Where is the station?"
It’s very useful when you are lost in France.
4. J'aime... "I like..."
When you want to express that you like something, you can use this pattern - j'aime...
In French, to like and to love are both translated with the verb aimer. If you want to sound less passionate, you can add adjective bien. For example - J'aime bien le chocolat. If chocolate is really your thing, you can say - J'adore le chocolat.
Adorer is a verb we can translate as “to love” or “to adore”. In the sentence, you can say, J'aime le chocolat to mean "I like chocolate."
5. Je n'aime pas... "I don't like..."
You can use this pattern when you want to express that you don’t like something.
For example, you can say,
Je n'aime pas les choux de Bruxelles. Which means, "I don't like Brussels sprouts."
That’s all for today. Merci for watching and I will see you next time. A bientôt.