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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a nice new start of the year and to continue it well, let's talk about what are your top ten language learning goals for the year. Let's go!
1. Je vais finir la série des “Phrases De Survie” sur FrenchPod101.com en écoutant deux cours par jour. “I’ll finish survival phrases series on FrenchPod101.com by listening to two lessons a day.”
Why not? That’s a nice goal because I think there are 60 lessons so two a day is not that hard because they are short and you should be done in a month. I know our website and our products.
2. Je finirai de lire un livre en français en lisant 10 pages par jour. “I’ll finish reading one French book by reading 10 pages a day.”
You should start with comic books because they have pictures so it's easier to understand and then when you are more comfortable with the language, you can switch to more formal and difficult books. Maybe read novels in French because they are short at first and then you can move on. Read Harry Potter in French, that's a nice exercise.
3. Je vais réussir mon examen de français. “I’ll pass my French test.”
Good luck! The hardest parts for a French exam I would say is the writing part because writing French is quite difficult because it's written very differently from what it sounds. So practice this one if you need to pass a French exam.
4. Je comprendrai parfaitement un film français en le regardant tous les jours. “I’ll fully understand one French movie by watching it every day.”
Then here again, you can start with cartoons with or without the subtitles, hopefully without the subtitles once you get comfortable and cartoons because they articulate better. So French cartoons for example are Tintin which is a reporter guy with a tiny hair like this and Asterix and Obelisks is also really popular and you can find a bunch of episodes online. When you are comfortable with hearing cartoons, you can switch to full French movies. I think the most famous one is Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. Before South Park, I really sucked at English. I always had like 11 out of 20 points on my exam stuff and after 6 months of South Park, I got 19 out of 20.
5. Je vais faire une présentation de moi de 3 minutes en français à mes amis français. “I’ll give a 3-minute introductory speech in French to my French friends.”
So what would be your introductory speech? Leave it in the comment. Like hey, my name is that and I like pancakes and bunnies. Why not? Try to say that in French.
6. Je vais mémoriser cinq chansons françaises. “I’ll memorize 5 French songs.”
If you are into old songs, there is Charles Trenet, who was an old singer and he also articulates really well and sometimes got funny songs... or you can also find some more French modern songs if you're into this, but this should be kind of rappy. So maybe it's hard to understand.
7. Je vais finir de mémoriser 350 mots avec "Flashcards" sur FrenchPod101.com. “I’ll finish memorizing 350 words with flashcards on FrenchPod101.com.
So try them out on the website, somewhere here, down.
8. Je vais écrire 10 cartes postales en français à mes amis français. “I’ll write 10 postcards in French to my French friends.”
Goodluck with that. Send a nice postcard from your country.
9. Je vais maîtriser 150 mots en mémorisant cinq mots par jour. “I’ll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day.”
That's one-month worth of words. Shouldn't be too hard, you can do it.
10. Je parlerai avec des locuteurs natifs plusieurs fois par semaine. “I’ll talk to native speakers several times a week.”
With FrenchPod101 premium plus, you’ll get your own native teacher. You can find many services online too so find friends and talk to them.
So tell me what are your goals for the year and maybe you have some of these too so leave it in a comment. If you want to achieve your goals, go check the website because we have plenty of stuff to help you with your goals. Don't forget to subscribe because we make more French videos for you to run stuff and we'll see you next time.