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Lesson Transcript

World map. I think you can tell it’s definitely not your voice.
Hey everyone. Is it time for you to buy gifts soon? Apparently, it is. We are going to talk about 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in French. Let’s go.
1. Ordinateur portable "laptop"
J'ai acheté un ordinateur portable d'occasion. "I bought a secondhand laptop."
That’s a bit cheap for a gift, isn’t it? If you are going to gift someone a laptop, buy a new one. What is your laptop or your computer? Leave it in the comments. Maybe I will need to buy a new one.
2. Parfum "perfume"
Ce parfum sent très bon. "This perfume smells very good."
Worst gift idea ever. Please people, don’t buy a perfume for someone because you don’t know if it’s going to fit their own body odor or maybe they might be allergic or maybe they don’t like it. And perfumes are very personal. So unless you know they are using that one perfume, don’t buy a perfume.
3. Livre "book"
Il m'a fallu un mois pour finir ce livre. "It took me a month to finish this book."
It’s either a really long book or a really boring one.
4. Carte du monde "world map"
Il y a une carte du monde sur le mur de ma chambre. "There is a world map on my bedroom wall."
You should put the map and then fill out the countries where you’ve been and then the more you go, the more colorful it gets and that’s a nice thing to do I think. Where have you been in the world? Leave me a comment. Or how full is your world map?
5. Appareil photo "camera"
Ton appareil photo est vieux. "Your camera is old."
That’s why you are gifting me one. It’s about gifts after all.
6. Smartphone "smartphone"
La batterie de mon smartphone est puissante. "My smartphone's battery is powerful."
It is because it’s not the Samsung. Ha ha ha ha!
7. Console de jeux "game console"
J'ai acheté cette console de jeux sur Internet. "I bought this game console on the Internet."
Which one is your game console? Tell me in the comments as well.
8. Dictionnaire "dictionary"
Il utilise un dictionnaire électronique. "He uses an electronic dictionary."
Yeah, I used to have one of those too.
9. Vol pour la France "a flight to France"
Combien coûte un vol pour la France? "How much does a flight to France cost?"
It depends where you are coming from? That’s a really nice gift if you are interested in France.
10. DVD "DVD"
Il a une grosse collection de DVD. "He has a large collection of DVDs."
Do you have a bunch of DVDs? If so, which ones? Leave a comment.
So tell me in the comments what are the gift you are going to get and more French word for gifts or gift ideas or just word of French that you can buy in gift and we would see you next time. Bye-bye! Gift!