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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we are going to talk about autumn and the 10 must-know autumn vocabulary.
1. pull “sweater”
As-tu déjà essayé ce pull adorable? “Have you already tried on this lovely sweater?”
I mean, we need to feel warm and nice. Mine is big, but it’s comfy.
2. pluvieux “rainy”
Je dois distribuer les journaux pendant les jours pluvieux et venteux. “I have to deliver newspapers on rainy days and windy days.”
Terrible day! I’m sorry if you have to. It’s really painful and then your clothes get all wet and your hair is messed up.
3. venteux “windy”
Demain il fera froid et venteux, donc porte une écharpe. “Tomorrow will be cold and windy, so wear a scarf.”
Indeed! It can get really windy in autumn especially in the south part of France, close to Spain, it gets really strong wind. It’s so strong it gives you headache and it’s known to drive people crazy and you can get sick pretty easily so scarfs are good.
4. frais “cool”
Il fait chaud pendant la journée, mais frais la nuit. “It's hot during the day but cool at night.”
It is indeed.
5. automne “autumn”
L'automne commence fin septembre. “Autumn begins at the end of September.”
On the 21st of September, it’s autumn, and then the leaves get nice.
6. marron “chestnut”
Manger un pancake avec de la crème de marron est délicieux. “Eating a pancake with chestnut cream is delicious.”
Yeah, chestnut cream comes in a really tiny can. It is really dark and sticky and sweet.
7. chemise à manches longues “long-sleeved shirt”
C'est bien de porter des chemise à manches longues quand il fait froid. “Long-sleeved shirts are good for cold weather.”
Yeah, this and the coat and a bit more and another pullover.
8. manteau “coat”
Mets ton manteau, tu vas attraper un rhume! “Put on your coat; you're going to catch a cold!”
Are we warm yet? Ah, that’s my autumn fashion I guess. Use a light coat and a pullover and then you are so ready to go to autumn.
9. froid “cold”
Je grelotte, j'ai froid. “I'm shivering. I'm cold.”
Maybe you should have worn a warm coat.
10. feuille “leaf”
Cet arbre a beaucoup de feuilles. “This tree has many leaves.”
Until this winter and then it doesn’t have any anymore. Sad…the leaves get so beautiful in autumn with all the colors.
So those were our words for autumn and let me know in the comment, maybe it’s your favorite season and maybe you have more words for it. And don’t forget to check the website for more French and don’t forget to subscribe for our new French videos, and we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye!