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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Lya and today we are going to talk about 10 phrases for surviving back to school because we need survival for this. Let’s go!
1. sac à dos “backpack”
Il portait ses livres, crayons et papiers dans son sac à dos. “He carried his books, pencils, and papers in his backpack.”
Yeah in France, we usually use our backpack or just a normal bag when you grow up. People used to complain a lot because of all the books that you have to carry and it gets really, really heavy up to…I think it was sometimes 6 or 7 kilos of books and papers and all your notebooks. So that was painful.
2. camarade “classmate”
Son professeur lui a demandé de distribuer le nouveau matériel à ses camarades de classe. “His professor asked him to hand out the new material to his classmates.”
So usually, the professor will give material or copies of the new papers to the person that’s in the first line of the class right in front of the desk and this person will have to distribute everything to the rest of the class. If you are part of the lazy ones, sit in the back so you don’t have to do this ever.
3. devoir “homework”
J'ai des devoirs pour demain. “I have homework for tomorrow.”
How do you do your homework? Do you do them the day right before or even in the corridor before class or you’re the kind of person who do them way in advance and this way, you are peaceful for the rest of the week. Let me know in the comment.
4. un examen “exam”
Je dois étudier pour mes examens. “I must study for my exams.”
Nah! Who study seriously? Bad Lya, bad! So yes, study for your exam. I swear it’s the good way to go.
5. cahier “notebook”
L'étudiant écrit sur le cahier. “The student writes on the notebook.”
That’s where you write, not on the table, on the notebook. Not in the book, on the notebook. Usually, you will start a nice notebook with good resolutions to keep your titles clean and write in that one color for this, in that one color for that. And then after a while, it goes like, boom… when you just have drawing in the margin and you don’t care anymore and then you don’t even finish your notebook and then you buy a new one and you do that again.
6. école “school”
L'école commence à 8h30. “School starts at 8:30.”
Yes it does. When your professor is not here or if you got lucky, sometimes you can even start later and that’s nice.
7. étudier “to study”
Étudier le français c'est fun. “Studying French is fun.”
8. C'est le premier jour de cours. “It's the first day of class.”
Weh! First day is a fun day because you get your schedule, you get to meet your new teachers and they only talk about what you’re going to do and you don’t have to study or take notes already so that’s nice. You reunite with your friends, you decide on the sitting positions. Close to the radiator in the back of the class is a comfy place in winter.
9. Nous sommes dans la même classe! “We are in the same class!”
Nous sommes dans la même classe! And you go like, “Yeah! Yeah!”. So at the beginning of the year, there were two different versions; either you will have to check on the board where your name was and then you check for your friends and hope you are together again because please…or else the year is going to be lame or they call you at the beginning and then, classe de 4éme and then they will call all your name and so you go and stand here and wait for your friends to come and the list goes and goes and your friend is not coming. And now your friend’s name is not coming up at all and then you get scared and then if your friend’s name gets called, you go like, “Yeah!”, and that’s nice.
10. As-tu fini tes devoirs? “Did you finish your homework?”
Hmm! Don’t forget to do your homework instead of watching YouTube videos. While it’s fine for studying, but do also your other homeworks okay?
The end! So I hope you will survive back to school and I hope you get a nice class with your nice friends and not too much trouble. I’m curious about what you guys are studying for learning French. I did drawings. So if you want to study more French, if you’re going to a French school maybe, then don’t forget to check the websites somewhere. We’ll see you next time! Bye-bye!