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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, today we will learn 20 words you’ll need for the beach! It’s summer soon! Let's go!
1. lunettes de soleil "sunglasses"
Des lunettes de soleil pour se protéger du soleil. "Sunglasses to protect you from the sun."
Because today is so rainy, right?
2. plage "beach"
Ce week-end, nous irons à la plage. "This weekend, we will go to the beach."
3. nager "swim"
J'adore nager dans les vagues. "I love to swim in the waves."
4. soleil "sun"
Le soleil est une étoile. "The sun is a star."
I’m also a star.
5. coquillage "seashell"
Elle vend des coquillages à la plage. "She sells seashells on the seashore."
6. maillot de bain "swimsuit"
Je me sens très embarrassé(e) de montrer mon corps en maillot de bain. "I feel very insecure showing my body in a swimsuit."
No, I don’t.
7. océan "ocean"
Je préfère la mer à l'océan. "I prefer the sea over the ocean."
8. maître-nageur "lifeguard"
Mon ami est maître-nageur à mi-temps. "My friend is a part-time lifeguard."
And then you insert the music with that lifeguard series. And they run like this.
I’m a lifeguard!
9. jet-ski "jet ski"
Maybe just say it with a French accent, jet-ski.
Ils font du jet-ski tous les jours. "They go jet skiing every day."
Lucky them!
10. serviette de plage "beach towel"
J'ai oublié ma serviette de plage. "I forgot my beach towel."
I did forget my beach towel so I’ve bought one.
So when you go to the beach, you should have two towels, one for lying down, and one for drying yourself.
11. chaise longue "beach chair"
Elle lit un livre sur sa chaise longue. "She is reading a book on her beach chair."
12. château de sable "sand castle"
J'aime faire des châteaux de sable. "I like to make sand castles."
You take a bucket and fill it with wet sand, and then you…
And you make the Disney castle.
And then the wave comes in and (whuuu), and washes everything away. Sad.
13. glacière "cooler"
Je n'ai pas de glacière. "I don't have a cooler."
Don’t forget your cooler at the beach, it’s very convenient.
14. bronzage "tan"
Leur bronzage est magnifique. "Their tan is beautiful."
For people like me, we don’t tan, we just burn like a shrimp.
Good luck, you will never have a beautiful tan.
15. plongée avec tuba "snorkeling"
As-tu déjà fait de la plongée avec tuba? "Have you ever been snorkeling?"
So did you? And where?
16. tong "flip-flop"
Nous portons toujours des tongs en été. "We always wear flip-flops in summer."
Yeah, everyone wears them in the summer around the beach. And they’re really cheap.
And they goes like (flap flap flap)
17. crème solaire "sunscreen"
La crème solaire est conseillée lors de l'exposition au soleil. "Sunscreen is recommended for sun exposure."
Indeed, not only for surf, for everyday, all the time! Oh my god!
Summer war paint.
That’s how you get ready.
18. bikini "bikini"
Or you can just say it in English, bikini.
Son bikini est rouge. "Her bikini is red."
And then she runs like this, with her blonde hair in the wind.
Catches the lifeguard.
19. mer "sea"
Ils vont à la mer tous les étés. "They go to the sea every summer."
That’s what people do!
That’s why the sea is so crowded in the summer.
20. sable "sand"
Il y a du sable sur la plage. "There is sand on the beach."
Oh, is there now?
Mostly the South, maybe in the West and North too, I'm not sure, you have beaches that are actually made of rocks. So when you walk on them it’s really hard. I don’t know why people like it.
Try it anyway, it's therapeutic.
So I hope you have a nice summer, and that these words will help you. And leave me a comment about what you would do on the beach, and what you get for your summer, or if you have a beach at all. Because some countries don't. Anyway, enjoy! Bye-bye!
Enjoy your holiday!