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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, are you ready for (web) surfing, or for holiday, or both? Let's check today what you can do for the summer holiday in France! Let's go!
1. voyager à l'étranger "to travel abroad"
J'adore voyager à l'étranger. "I love to travel abroad."
Do you love to travel abroad? And have ever been abroad? So let me know in the comment where you have been.
2. se détendre à la plage "to relax at the beach"
Ils se détendent à la plage. "They are relaxing at the beach."
Don't forget the sunscreen because the sun can get pretty tough, then you burn, and then you'll be a shrimp.
3. apprendre le français avec FrenchPod101.com. "to learn French with FrenchPod101.com."
Nous apprenons le français avec Frenchpod101.com tous les jours. "We learn French with Frenchpod101.com every day."
Or if you want to sound French, you can say, nous apprenons le français avec Frenchpod101.com. Yeah, you can also enjoy (web) surfing in the holiday to learn something new, like French!
4. apprendre à cuisiner français "to learn to cook French food"
Vous voulez apprendre à cuisiner français? "Do you want to learn how to cook French food?"
So yeah, if you guys are interested, let me know, maybe we can do a cooking video some time.
5. faire un barbecue "to have a barbecue"
Yummy!! I like barbecue.
Ils ont fait un barbecue la semaine dernière. "They had a barbecue last week."
6. faire la fête toute la nuit "to party all night"
Les étudiants aiment faire la fête toute la nuit.
Not only the students, come on!
Don't drink and drive!
7. se faire bronzer "to get a tan"
Elles se sont fait bronzer cet été. "They got a tan this summer."
Again, don't forget the sunscreen.
8. faire de la randonnée "to go hiking"
Nous faisons de la randonnée tous les ans. "We hike every year."
9. travailler à mi-temps "to work a part-time job"
Je travaille à mi-temps. "I work a part-time job."
10. s'amuser avec ses amis "to have fun with friends"
Je m'amuse tous les week-ends avec mes amis. "I have fun with my friends every weekend."
Come on! You're on holiday, you don't have to do it on the weekend! You can do it all week, every day, for two months.
So leave me a comment with your favorite summer activity, or your favorite summer video game. Because, why not? No one wants to go out and burn under the sun, am I right?
And I'll see you next time! Bye-bye!

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