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Lesson Transcript

Is everyone feeling in love? I’m Lya and here are our 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Let's go on a date together.
1. dîner aux chandelles “candlelit dinner”
J'ai préparé un dîner aux chandelles pour notre anniversaire de mariage. “I prepared a candlelit dinner for our wedding anniversary.”
That's a romantic thing to do and then you put tiny paper or hearts and you put dim lights, everything is nice, a nice bottle of wine or champagne. That's cute.
2. faire une longue promenade “to go for a long walk”
Nous avons fait une longue promenade après le déjeuner. “We went for a long walk after lunch.” Yeah, I should do that too after lunch. You can go to a nice park and watch the trees and the flowers and just hold hands in the park and break everything.
3. aller faire du bowling “to go bowling”
Nous sommes allés faire du bowling pour mon anniversaire. “We went bowling for my birthday.”
If a guy is asking you to go bowling on a date, it's because he wants to look at your butt when you climb in for the ball. So bowling is a common French idea of a date so a lot of people do that apparently. So yeah if you are the one inviting for the date, you should make a big score and show how strong you are. If you are the one invited or if you want to act totally cute, you should be a bit clumsy and say, “Can you help me? I don't know how to hold the ball properly. It’s so heavy.” Yeah, be a bit clumsy, that's cute. The best is if you look a bit clumsy, but then you beat your date in a different part and you say, “uh-huh” and they will love you even more.
4. aller à l'aquarium “to go to the aquarium”
Elle n'est jamais allée à l'aquarium. “She has never been to the aquarium.”
Aquariums are nice for a date because it's a bit dark and you see all the pretty fishes swimming around. It's really relaxing and cozy and intimate so that's a good idea. Hey, I can be positive sometimes.
5. aller à l'opéra “to go to the opera”
Mes grands-parents adorent aller à l'opéra. “My grandparents love going to the opera.”
That's your grandparents’ date. If you want to go for a date, you can feel sophisticated and smart.
6. faire un pique-nique “to have a picnic”
Je vais faire un pique-nique au parc avec mes amis le mois prochain. “I will have a picnic at the park with my friends next month.”
You have homemade lunch, maybe nice sandwiches, some glasses of maybe sparkly wine, that's fancy for a picnic and that's kind of nice, then you just enjoy the nature together.
7. dîner et voir un film “to have dinner and see a movie”
Hier soir, nous avons dîné et vu un film. “Yesterday evening, we had dinner and saw a movie.”
That's also a common date practice, where you go to a nice restaurant and then you make sure to finish on time and go to a late viewing at the cinema, then you’re all cozy and warm and you fall a bit asleep because it's dark and the food was nice, and then you can rest on the shoulder of your date like this.
8. prendre un ferry “to take a ferry ride”
Nous avons pris le ferry d'Irlande en Ecosse. “We took a ferry ride from Ireland to Scotland.”
If you have a ferry available, it can be a nice date opportunity. You're on the sea, you can see the infinite water in front of you, feel the breeze, imitate the Titanic pose or not and some ferries are so big. They even have casino and movie theatres inside so that can complete your date, casino.
9. marcher sur la plage “to walk on the beach”
J'aime marcher sur la plage. “I like to walk on the beach.”
I like that too and then you can hold hands again and draw messages in the sand, make tiny hearts, just see it and look at the ocean, feel the breeze again.
10. aller au musée “to go to the museum”
If you want to be smart and the opera wasn't enough, you can go to the museum like before the opera.
Il aime aller au musée pendant des heures. “He likes going to the museum for hours.”
You can sit together and stare at romantic paintings of couple in the grass and it goes for a quiet date and a smart one and then you feel nice about yourself and you can talk about your feelings while looking at all the art and it’s the end.
Tell me what's your fun idea for a date in the comments and if you want more love and date and that kind of vocabulary, don't forget to check the website or subscribe to the channel because we have more videos about this and we will see you next time. I hope we will see you again after the date. Bye, everyone!