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Lesson Transcript

So, are you ready to travel to France? If so, don’t forget to prepare well. I am Lya and this is Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Your Travel. Let’s go!
1. Choisir sa destination "to choose one's destination"
Je dois choisir ma destination ce mois-ci. "I have to choose my destination this month."
What would be your favorite destination? Well, it would be France obviously but if you have another one, let me know in the comments. I always choose Japan. Or Singapore. Singapore is great.
2. Acheter un guide touristique "to buy a guidebook"
My favorite is Lonely Planet, also, the Michelin guide.
Mon amie achète toujours des guides touristiques. "My friend always buys guidebooks."
I usually buy some too or check out on the internet because I want a cheap deal and a good food inside. Sometimes you would get discount from the guidebook and you also get some survival phrases. So try it.
3. Économiser de l'argent "to save money"
Il économise de l'argent depuis 5 ans. "He has been saving money for 5 years."
What kind of travel is he planning to do? Well, the more you save, the more you can spend on your travel. So if you really want to go all out and see all the things and eat all the stuff, just save for a while and then you can enjoy it a lot.
4. Rechercher les prix "to research the costs"
Je n'ai pas encore recherché les prix. "I haven't researched the costs yet."
You should research the costs first and then start saving because you know how much you need then.
5. Réserver un vol "to book a flight"
Quand réserverons-nous notre vol? "When will we book our flight?"
As soon as possible seriously because it’s cheaper. Ideally six months in advance. And I have a point card for every airline I ever went on. This way, I can cumulate it with, I don’t know everything just in case. Just get the card because it’s free and maybe they treat you better and you have higher chances of being upgraded, also I heard.
6. Demander des congés "to request vacation time"
Il demande toujours des congés au dernier moment. "He always requests vacation time at the last moment."
Don’t forget to do this way in advance because your colleagues need to adjust for your time out. I requested mine way in advance and you know, people still ask me for stuff when I am on holiday. Lya, this is something that needs to be done. I am like, hey, hey, hey.
7. Réserver un hébergement "to book accommodation"
Ils passent toujours par un site internet pour réserver un hébergement. "They always book accommodations through a website."
Because it’s pretty convenient and if you don’t know their language, it can be quite tricky to reserve your accommodation at the accommodation place plus it’s easier to compare prices. Don’t forget to book, also, way in advance when it’s a popular season to go. Or else you end up in a way too expensive place or under a bridge. And we don’t like being under a bridge.
8. Renouveler son passeport "to renew one's passport"
Je dois bientôt renouveler mon passeport. "I need to renew my passport soon."
Don’t forget to also do this way in advance because it can take one or two months to get all your paperwork done and you don’t want to miss your trip just because your passport is expired. That would be sad.
9. Faire ses valises "to pack"
Vous n'avez pas encore fait vos valises? "You haven't packed yet?"
I always pack at the last minute because that’s one of my superpowers. If you are not good at packing, watch a few packing tip videos online. It’s really useful and then you can bring only one suitcase instead of three.
10. Obtenir un visa "to get a visa"
J'ai obtenu un visa de 5 ans. "I got a five-year visa."
Be sure to also check the country you are going to, to see if you need a visa because you don’t want to get there and be rejected because you forgot to fill some paper. And if you don’t need a visa, be sure to check the number of days you are allowed to stay without a visa.
So what’s the one place you want to travel to or what are your best travel tips for preparation? Leave it to me in the comments and we will see you next time. Have a safe flight.


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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

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Bonjour Chanse,

That's great! I'm happy you're making progress. 😄

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Chanse E Syres
Monday at 11:52 AM
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Choisir sa destination, economiser de l'argent, rechercher les prix, reserver un vol. I am able to finally start putting the words together and understand what they mean.

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Bonjour Martha,

En effet c'est magnifique comme région ! 😄

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Martha Lawrence
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Je veux aller au Château de Valogne à Sommant, en France. Je suis allé à Sommant l'année dernière et c'était magnifique!

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Bonjour Olov et merci pour votre message !

Vous allez bien ?

J'aimerais beaucoup aller au Cap-vert ! En effet ce pays a l'air très joli !

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Bon dimanche !

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Cape Verde is a nice travel destination :-)

Le Cap-Vert est une destination de voyage agréable :-)