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Lesson Transcript

Hi! I'm Lya and this is top 10 phrases your parents always say. Let's go! That's the best I could come up with.
1. Soyez prudent. “Be careful.”
That’s plural so that would be fair with your brother because your parents wouldn't address you politely. So they would say, if it's singular - sois prudent “be careful”. When I would go to my friends, they would tell me that and say, yeah you call me when you arrive and I wouldn't because let’s not be ridiculous like I would take my bike and go to my friends or walk there. Yeah, tell me when you arrive. Yeah, I arrive well, I didn’t die.
2. Silence. “Be quiet.”
When you are being too noisy or when you play music too loud or when you're being an idiot or when you're not behaving, when you are different. Being at your parents’, friends of your parents, was just so boring so I would play with the cutleries and they would tell me to be quiet.
3. Sois sage. “Behave”
Yeah, behave, be quiet, bye. Jesus, behave young girl. Oh, behave. Leave a comment if you get the reference. Oh, behave. You will have to read the comment to know.
4. Fais tes devoirs! “Do your homework!”
You shouldn't need your parents to tell you that. You should do your homework on your own. Do I need to tell you about that, do your French homework? Stop watching and do it now! Nah, you can stay. You can go do your homework when you're done watching me. Haha. I am your homework now. I'm your French homework. You have to watch.
5. Va au lit. “Go to bed.”
Same as with your homework, don't have your parents scream at you, stuffs like this. Just go to bed then you can fake it and you can be under the blanky and read a book or listen to stuff. You just have to make them believe you're going to bed, Lya’s nice tips.
6. Je vais compter jusqu'à trois. “I’m going to count to three.”
That's when you're not eating your soup or when you are being annoying. Okay, one..., two…., two and a half ..., two and three quarters… and then you get grounded. I don't know. I never got to three with them.
7. Arrête. “Stop.”
Again, what kind of parents are those and who have nice parents somewhere? Stop! Hammer time. What would that be in French? Arrête! Le temps du marteau. It doesn't make sense at all, but hey, who cares? Oh yeah, when you want to be a brat and your parents tell you that one word, arrête, it also sounds like a fishbone, arête. So une arête de poisson is “a fishbone” and so we would say - Il n'y a pas d'arête dans le bifteck. “There is no fishbone in a steak.” which doesn't mean much, but just when you want to be a brat and annoy your parents, you would say that. Something to annoy people with.
8. Qu'est-ce que tu as dit? “What did you say?”
So if you do the arrête stuff we just saw then maybe your parents will ask you this - What did you just say? You're making fun of me huh! You’re making fun of me? No. So what did you say?
9. Je ne plaisante pas. “I'm not kidding.”
I will count to three and I’m not kidding. I don't know, I never argue with my parents so they wouldn’t have to tell me stuff like this. I would just stare at them, shut up and go to my room. Yeah because they were always arguing between them and throwing plates at each other so I would go to my room anyway to avoid them. I'm not kidding.
Je ne plaisante pas tu ne dois pas manger le dernier cookie. “You shall not eat the last cookie. I’m not kidding.” It’s mine, sorry. It’s mine! It’s my cookie. It’s my cookie.
10. Éteins la télévision immédiatement. “Turn the TV off now.”
They tell me that when I was 12 and I was watching the X-files too much and the X-files is a show for adults so it was forbidden for people under 12 but I would watch it anyway and it would run really late and I would have school the next day so if they caught me watching the X-files, they will say that - Turn off the TV and go to bed! But I like the X-files. Now, it doesn't look as good anymore, but at that time, it was.