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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week, it’s all about games and we are going to learn about 10 “gamer speak” words. I should have taken my controller and everything. Let’s go!
1. jeu d'aventures “adventure game”
“Finishing an adventure game takes a while.” Finir un jeu d'aventures prend longtemps.
Because you have to go everywhere and then solve all the puzzles and then you have to do the site quest and then you lost track and you have to go back to the main quest to finish the story, but then… adventure game!
2. avatar “avatar”
The last airbender. The tiny picture you have on your profile or the character you’re playing can also be called an avatar actually. My avatar is a cute cat.
“My avatar is a funny cat.” Mon avatar est un chat rigolo.
It goes like, meow!
3. joueur “player”
Un joueur de "League of Legend". “A League of Legends player”
4. options “options”
“Changing your settings in the Options menu.” Changer ses paramètres dans le menu des options.
5. manette “controller”
“I play Tomb Raider with the controller.” Je joue à "Tomb Raider" avec une manette.
I don’t know so you can just chill in your seat and go, poporopo, popo… For some gamers, it’s way more convenient than having to type on your keyboard like Binding of Isaac.
6. personnage non-joueur (pnj) “non-player character (npc)”
That one guy you have to go to talk to that give you the quest to go pick up nuts in the forest for half an hour and say, thank you, thank you.
“The NPC gave me a quest.” Le pnj m'a donné une quête.
7. débutant, newb “scrub”
“Scrub” newb. Also works in English.
“The scrub made us lose.” Le newb nous a fait perdre.
Stupid newb!
8. tank “tank”
“I'm really bad at playing ‘tank.’” Je suis très mauvais(e) en "tank".
Because I really like the range people better because I’m not into battle and the tank are just going, hey, I’m like arrggh and tank everything and I just die.
I play Heroes of the Storm and Garrosh is kind of tanky.
It’s an alliance for mother! Perkkk...!
9. vie “life”
“I lost all my lives.” J'ai perdu toutes mes vies.
10. démo “demo”
“A video game demo.” Une démo de jeu vidéo.
When you can preview it and not play the whole game.
J'ai joué à la démo. “I played the demo.”
So that’s it for top 10 gamer game word or “gamer speak” words. Tell me what game you play in the comment. And if you want to learn more French, don’t forget to check FrenchPod101.com and we will see you next time. Meanwhile, have fun and enjoy the games! Put the setting in French to help you learn faster. See you!