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Lesson Transcript

Hi, watchers! Welcome back and this week, we’re going to talk about 10 words for connecting thoughts. I’m really bad at connecting thoughts so maybe we can learn things together this time. Let’s go!
1. ensuite “then”
“I took a shower, then went to work.” J'ai pris une douche et ensuite je suis allé(e) au travail.
My morning routine.
2. cependant “however”
“I like the blue version. However, pink also looks good.” J'aime la version bleue. Cependant le rose est aussi joli.
Like when you’re redecorating your house.
3. de l'autre côté “on the other hand”
“It's sunny today so we should go outside. On the other hand, it might rain later.” Aujourd'hui il fait soleil, nous devrions sortir. De l'autre côté, il va peut-être pleuvoir un peu plus tard.
And then your holiday is ruined and you don’t get to do anything.
4. plutôt “instead”
“Let's go by boat instead.” Allons-y plutôt en bateau.
Like, if you want to go to an island and you can choose between the plane and the boat. Let’s go by boat, it’s nicer. And the service is tormenting. It gets hard to get by to anything. You’re super sick. Awesome! I don’t care, we’re going to die. Say bye to mommy and daddy. What? Yeah there’s water in the boat and we’re in the middle of nowhere. Ahh...That was scary. That’s why I don’t like being on boats.
5. de plus “moreover, besides”
“I'm lost in the woods. Moreover, my phone battery is dead.” Je suis perdu(e) dans la forêt. De plus, la batterie de mon téléphone est morte.
6. également “likewise”
“I read this book and my sister did likewise.” J'ai lu ce livre et ma soeur l'a lu également.
7. aussi “also”
“We also have muffins.” Nous avons aussi des muffins.
8. pendant ce temps “meanwhile”
J'étais en train de mettre la table et pendant ce temps le chien a mangé tous les muffins. “I was setting the table; meanwhile, the dog ate all the muffins.” Bad doggy. Something tasty, I’ll eat that.
9. en réalité “in fact”
“The dog didn't eat all the muffins. In fact, I ate them.” Le chien n'a pas mangé tous les muffins. En réalité, c'était moi.
And they were so good.
10. finalement “finally”
Nous nous rencontrons finalement! “Finally we meet!”
Thanks, all my watchers! Finally! End. Connecting thoughts! So we learned 10 words for connecting thoughts today. Tell me in a long sentence by connecting your thoughts and using some of them, if you can connect your thoughts because I cannot. If you want to learn more French, don’t forget to check FrenchPod101.com and we will see you next time. Bye!