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Lesson Transcript

Hey watchers. This week, we are going to be doing Top 25 French Nouns. So let’s start right now.
1. Homme. Man.
So homme, man.
Le chien est le meilleur ami de l'homme. Dog is man’s best friend. Oh where is the doggy, where is the doggy, where is the fluffy doggy. Doggy! I just stop doing the Doggy.
2. Ami. friend.
Ami, friend.
Best friend, mon meilleur ami.
I like to hanging out with my friends. J'aime traîner avec mes amis.
When I was little, I didn’t have friends. Quand j'étais petite, je n'avais pas d'amis. So sad.
3. Femme. Woman.
Next one is femme, woman.
I’m a woman. Je suis une femme.
4. Jour. Day.
Jour, day.
All day, toute la journée.
Il fait jour. it’s day! Morning! I am not a morning person.
I don’t like day, I like night. Je n'aime pas le jour. J'aime la nuit.
5. Mer. Sea
Mer, sea.
The boat on the sea. Un bateau sur la mer.
I used to be live on a boat on the sea. True story. Ah there is this song about the sea. La mer, qu’on voit danser, Le long des golfes clairs... The sea that we see dancing along the clear coast or something like that.
6. Temps. Time.
Temps. Time.
Temps can also be “weather”.
Quel temps il fait? What’s the weather today?
And time is… Le temps passe vite. Time goes fast, or do you need more time.
7. Main. Hand.
Main, hand.
I hurt my hand yesterday. Je me suis fait mal aux mains hier. because I was playing baseball with other girlfriend. It hurts so bad. *pow* And it smashes into your hand.
Se laver les mains, to wash your hand. okay, wash hands, uh…I am sorry, tissue.
8. Chose. Thing.
Chose, thing.
Plein de choses, many things, or when you don’t know what word to put in a sentence, you can just use, The... chose.
Quelque chose. something.
La chose est une main. The Thing is a hand.
9. Vie. Life.
Having an easy life. Avoir la vie facile. And be lazy!
10. Yeux. Eyes.
Yeux, eyes. So be careful, in French because the plural is very different. So it’s un oeil “an eye” and les yeux.
Your eyes are so beautiful. T’as de beaux yeux.
11. Heure. Time.
Heure, time.
What time is it? Il est quelle heure?
But heure also means “hour” and not only time.
12. Monde. World.
Monde, world.
To travel around the world. Voyager autour du monde. I like traveling around the world.
The world cup. La Coupe du Monde.
13. Enfant. Child.
Enfant, child.
To adopt a child. Adopter un enfant. I think it’s a better solution for the world.
When you are a child, you go to school. Les enfants vont à l'école, or Quand on est un enfant on va à l'école.
14. Fois. Time.
Fois, time.
It’s like multiplier, like two times four Deux fois quatre, or time like the number of times you do something.
I went two times to see this movie because it was so good. Je suis allée voir ce film deux fois parce qu'il était trop bien.
Be careful with writing on this one because there are many words that can be pronounced fois but with different ending.
15. Moment. Moment.
Take just a moment, or like it will take a really short amount of time. Ça va prendre juste un moment.
Depending on how you say it actually can vary, because if you say like Ça va prendre un moment, it means it would take a long time. Dude, you better be patient!
16. Tête. Head.
Tête, Head.
Se cogner la tête. To bump your head.
Avoir la tête sur les épaules. Having your head on your shoulders, meaning you have a straight head and clear vision of what you want to do and be very down to earth.
17. Père. Father.
Père, father.
I like my father. J’aime mon papa.
Un père de famille. The family’s father, meaning he is like the head of the family and all responsible and hardworking and providing for everyone. Good daddy.
18. Fille. Girl.
Fille, girl.
I am a girl. Je suis une fille. Before I was a woman, but I got downgraded. I’m a girl. A cute girl.
Girls just want to have fun. Les filles veulent juste s’amuser.
Bad girl, bad. If you are a bad girl, Vilaine fille! Vilaine!
19. Coeur. Heart.
Coeur, heart. Potato.
Avoir le coeur sur la main. having your heart on your hand, is the French expression which means being very generous.
To hear your heart beat. Entendre son coeur battre. I can hear it at night *puh puh* and then you put freaky music behind it.
20. An. Year.
An, year.
One year, un an.
Or two years, deux ans.
J’ai 26 ans. I am 26.
21. Terre. Earth, ground, soil.
Terre with a capital letter will be Earth, the planet we live on, and terre with no capital letter will be the earth you walk on.
So if you mix earth and water, it makes mud. Si vous mélangez de la terre et de l'eau, ça fait de la boue. And then you can apply it as a mask on your face.
22. Monsieur. Sir.
Monsieur, sir. monsieur. monsieur, madame.
Monsieur is the singular, and messieurs would be plural.
Les messieurs ont des jolies moustaches. moustache, I like that word.
When you are a kid, you say teacher and want to raise your hand and then when you grow up and go to high school, it’s more like sir or monsieur when you have a question. If you want to be really polite, you can put monsieur before the family name of someone. Monsieur Dupont, or Monsieur Durand, which are really common French family names.
23. Voix. Voice.
Voix, voice.
And there is a TV show called The Voice, right? La Voix.
Avoir une belle voix. Having a nice voice.
24. Maison. House.
House, maison.
This is my house. C’est ma maison. Yeah I live in a Greenish house and I stay here all day, tiny window and talk to you guys.
I don’t have a house. Je n’ai pas de maison.
25. Chat. Cat.
Cat, chat.
I am a cat person. Je suis une personne à chats.
I like cats. J’aime les chats.
you are so cute and fluffy, come on! I can only think about kittens right now.
So thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more French words and we will see you next time. Bye!


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