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Lesson Transcript

Hi, watchers! Do you like math? Because I don't really like math, but we still have to learn about it. So let's try to make math fun with 10 must-know math words for this week. Let's go!
1. calculer "calculate"
Calculer sur ma calculatrice. "Calculating on my calculator."
2. fois "times"
Trois fois cinq égale quinze, or as we say in French, trois fois cinq quinze.
"Three times five, fifteen."
3. diviser "divide"
"ten divided by two" dix divisé par deux, equals…? Tell me in the comment, watchers! That's how bad at math I am, please help me.
4. plus "plus"
"five plus five" cinq plus cinq, equals ten, this one I know.
5. moins "minus"
"It's minus twenty degrees!" Il fait moins vingt degrés!
So cold!
6. égaler "equal"
"Five plus five equals ten." Cinq plus cinq égale dix.
7. pour cent "percent"
soldes à moins cinquante pour cent “minus 50 percent sale"
This is huge sale!
Cent pour cent “100%”
“I’m at a hundred percent!” Je suis à cent pour cent!
8. impair "odd"
un nombre impair "an odd number"
Like 1, 3, 5, undividable by two.
9. pair "even"
"an even number" un nombre pair
Like 2, or 4, or 6.
pair is also when you get two of the same items, for example, socks, “a pair of socks,” une pair de chaussettes.
10. équation "equation"
3 times 4 plus 5 divided by 5, power of 2, cube…
Je ne comprends pas les équations. "I don't understand equations."
That's why I went to literature and not math.
So that's it for today! You can leave me any question, or as a result of the question, comment below and don't forget to check the website to learn more French on FrenchPod101.com. We’ll see you next time. See you, watchers!


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