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Lesson Transcript

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Hi, watchers! This week is a sad week, we're going to talk about sad words. Why am I so sad? Nothing happen when I’m being alone. Let's start.
1. blesser "hurt"
"You're hurting me." Tu me blesses.
Because you're saying those mean things and now I'm hurt, there you go.
2. décourager "discourage"
I'm really discouraged right now, I cannot find a simple sentence.
"Everything is going wrong, and I'm so discouraged."
Tout va mal en ce moment et je suis très découragée.
Don't be discouraged! fight up, yeah!
3. malheureux "miserable"
"I'm so miserable. "Je suis trop malheureux,” ma copine m'a largué.
4. vexé "upset"
"What you said really upset me." Ce que tu as dit m'a vraiment vexé(e).
Upset face.
5. seule "lonely"
This one is feminine, all those are masculine, I don't know why.
"I'm feeling lonely." Je me sens seule.
Would you guys keep me company? Leave a nice comment for everyone else who’s feeling lonely and miserable to cheer their day up.
6. déçu "disappointed"
"This movie was disappointing.” Ce film m'a déçue.
Tu me déçois.
That's super harsh, this is one of the thing I really don't want to hear.
7. épuisé "exhausted"
"After work I'm really exhausted." Je suis vraiment épuisée après le travail.
8. triste "sad"
"You make me sad.” Tu me rends triste.
“This was a sad story." C'était une histoire triste.
9. déprimé "depressed"
"This makes me feel depressed." Ça me déprime.
When it's raining outside what it's Saturday, and you plan to go out, and you cannot because it's raining.
"This makes me feel depressed." Ça me déprime.
10. énervé "angry"
"This makes me angry." Ça m'énerve.
So that's it for this week. So tell me what makes you sad in the comments already a nice comment for the sad people, and we'll see you next time. Don't forget to check FrenchPod101.com for more French. Bye-bye.